Rudy writes piece on Gettysburg College students during the Civil War for Philly Inquirer

John Rudy '07, adjunct instructor of Civil War Era Studies, wrote a July 3 article for the Philadelphia Inquirer on Gettysburg College (the Pennsylvania College) students during the Civil War.

From the Inquirer:

Standing in the pleasant countryside of Gettysburg in the early summer of 1863, it might not have hit you just how quickly the world was changing. That blissful ignorance might have been doubly powerful if you were a young white student at Pennsylvania College (today's Gettysburg College).

For decades, students from Pennsylvania had mingled with their peers from the South at the Gettysburg school. Sons of slave owners studied alongside sons of the commonwealth, cradle of liberty.

Gettysburg's carriage industry drove the ties to the South's peculiar institution. Fine carriages made in local shops rolled into the palatial stables of wealthy Southern planters. In turn, the South sent its sons north for a fine Lutheran education.

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