Civil War Institute mentioned in Patriot-News on November 14

In a story detailing the now infamous remarks of a Patriot & Union reporter, who claimed that President Lincoln's speech was silly and would soon be forgotten, the Patriot-News mentions the Civil War Institute and its former director, Gabor Boritt.

From the Patriot-News:

As many scholars have noted, most recently Martin Johnson in his recent book "Writing the Gettysburg Address," Lincoln's trip to Gettysburg was political. Gabor Boritt, the former director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College said the Gettysburg trip essentially launched Lincoln's re-election campaign, and re-election was by no means certain, as no president in more than 30 years (since Andrew Jackson) had been elected to a second term. Lincoln wasn't even assured he would get the nomination of his own party.

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