Warshaw quoted in the Kansas City Star

In a roundup of quotes regarding important political issues, the Kansas City Star quoted political science professor Shirley Ann Warshaw about the non-release of former president Bill Clinton's presidential records after a twelve year black out period.

From the Kansas City Star:

“The obvious answer is they are trying to protect Hillary, and there’s no question at all that there’s something in that … but the reality also is they don’t have the staff.” — Gettysburg College professor Shirley Warshaw, a frequent visitor to presidential libraries, on why a trove of Clinton White House records that have been processed for release remain hidden from public view.

The question is why Clinton presidential records that were to be released in January 2013 after a 12-year blackout period remain under wraps. About 33,000 pages of documents are at stake and include confidential advice given to the president and communication from then-first lady Hillary Clinton.

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