Guelzo's Gettysburg book featured on NPR books

Prof. Allen Guelzo's Gettysburg: The Last Invasion was featured July 2 on NPR books.

From NPR:

For historians, and for much more casual students of the Civil War, the battle of Gettysburg 150 years ago holds seemingly limitless fascination — a search for "Gettysburg" on Amazon turns up over 7,500 books — and similarly limitless opportunity for debate.

Did the Confederacy's iconic commander, General Robert E. Lee, bring defeat to his own army by reaching too far in ordering Pickett's fateful — and disastrous — charge? Did General Meade, President Abraham Lincoln's newly minted commander of the Union's Army of the Potomac, fail to exploit victory at Gettysburg by declining to pursue and destroy Lee's dispirited and retreating army? Did the dandy Union General Daniel Sickles, a man who had gotten away with murder in civilian life, endanger the federal forces by disregarding orders?

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