Guelzo writes Gettysburg Times op-ed on lack of national stage for battle commemoration

Prof. Allen Guelzo wrote a July 8 op-ed for the Gettysburg Times which talks about the failure of top politicians and national media outlets to recognize the significance of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

From the Gettysburg Times:

The battle ended 150 years ago. The commemoration ended yesterday. But already the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg is assuming, in some quarters, the dimensions of a lost cause.

This is not because of any failure on the part of the staff of the National Park Service or the Gettysburg Foundation, who supervised over 500 events over the last three days at Gettysburg, culminating in a hugely well-attended march that covered the path of Pickett's Charge, the climax of the battle on July 3, 1863. Nor was it because of any shortage of visitors, eager to visit the sites of the battlefield and attend the events. Somewhere between 250,000 and 325,000 were in Gettysburg and on the Gettysburg battlefield, producing the greatest traffic jam the battlefield had ever seen since Robert E. Lee and his Confederate army were here.

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