Hancock mentioned in News-Post article about Dred Scott decision

Prof. Scott Hancock was quoted in a June 26 Frederick News-Post article about the Dred Scott decision.

From the News-Post:

In his classes at Gettysburg College, Scott Hancock, an associate professor of history and Africana studies, said he is careful to point out that the Dred Scott case was not only about the institution of slavery itself, but it was also about a person.

“Scott was not a passive tool for war by abolitionists,” Hancock said. “He was not an instigator.”

Scott was an active participant in his pursuit of freedom, not a pawn, Hancock said. That he was someone considered among the lower rungs of society who, through the pursuit of his personal freedom turned the nation upside down, shows just how precarious things had become as the nation struggled over slavery.

“Southerners who supported slavery took it (the Dred Scott decision) as an affirmation, though they sensed it was on thin ice,” Hancock said.

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