Guelzo interviewed on Sirius XM's Polioptics

Prof. Allen Guelzo was interviewed about his book Gettysburg: The Last Invasion on Sirius XM's July 3 Polioptics with Josh King.

From Polioptics:

Here’s hoping all of our U.S. listeners and readers are is making this most of this holiday weekend – the 237th anniversary of our Union.

Where are you today, among the Purple Mountain’s majesty, across the fruited plain, somewhere, from sea to shining sea?

A special shout out, if you will, to my son Toby and his fellow campers at Camp Walt Whitman in Piermont, New Hampshire, hopefully playing baseball and cooling off with juicy watermelon under the hot July sun. They don’t have satellite radio at Walt Whitman, or indeed electronics of any kind, but it’s nice to think of that boy just the same.

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