College mentioned in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about military nurses during the battle

Gettysburg College's Pennsylvania Hall was mentioned as the site of a Civil War hospital in a June 30 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

From the Post-Gazette:

The Rev. Francis Burlando and the first dozen sisters entered Gettysburg early July 5.

"Along the road they saw bodies and dead horses," Ms. Shower said. The town of 2,400 was overrun with 21,000 wounded men, every building serving as a hospital. Three dozen sisters served over several months. They are known to have worked in St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, the Methodist church, the Lutheran Theological Seminary and Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College.

The government paid for the sisters to share a room at what is now the Gettysburg Hotel and gave them food. They were entitled to wages, but refused to accept them, Ms. Shower said.

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