Guelzo writes opinion piece on Battle of Gettysburg for Globe and Mail

Prof. Allen Guelzo wrote a June 29 article for the Globe & Mail, "Remembering Gettysburg, where the American idea proved it would 'long endure'".

Grom the Globe & Mail:

Some nations have been created by paper, some by protest. But many of them have found their sense of national identity on battlefields. Passchendaele was a crucial event in the turbulent development of a Canadian nationality, just as Gallipoli was for Australia and New Zealand.

For Americans, the defining battle was the one at Gettysburg, whose 150th anniversary is this week. Over a million visitors have been predicted for Gettysburg over the course of 2013; for the July anniversary days, no hotel accommodations have been available within 95 kilometres of town since January.

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