Guelzo quoted in Baltimore Sun article about Meade wanting to fight Lee in Maryland, not Pennsylvania

Prof. Allen Guelzo was quoted in a June 30 Baltimore Sun article about Gen. Meade wanting to fight Gen. Lee in Carroll County, Md., not Gettysburg, Pa.

From the Sun:

On June 30, 1863, Meade was preparing a strong Union position just south of the Mason-Dixon line. The new commander of the Army of the Potomac planned to position his troops south of Big Pipe Creek to intercept Lee's Army of Northern Virginia if it struck en route to Washington or Baltimore. Early on July 1, he assigned his corps commanders positions along that line.

"Meade wanted to fight in Maryland," said Allen C. Guelzo, a Gettysburg College historian who this year published "Gettysburg: The Last Invasion," a well-received account of the campaign. The creek line and bluffs on the south side of the creek provided an easilly defended position, he said.

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