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January 14, 2014

James Russell '08, a member of the Gettysburg College Alumni Board of Directors, married Allison Gold on November 23, 2013 at the Radnor Valley Country Club in Villanova, Pa.

In the wedding were Ryan Keane '08 (best man) and David Olson '08 (groomsman). Also in attendance were Matthew Hall '08, Eric Ondik '08, Matthew Presby '08, Jamie Giffuni '08, Dan Connor '08, Vanessa Pabon '09, Sean Incremona '08, Caitlin Haley '08, Ryan Jannos '08, Nick Campellone '08, Margaret Leidy '08, Ashley Bugay '09, Rick Finnegan '07, Derin Wilson '08, Casey Fauth '08, Courtney Small '09, and Neil and Jen Bryant '82. Photo submitted by Marie D'Souza.

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