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September 25, 2012

AT&T Vice President-Customer Service Jack Duffy '79 (center) met with 15 of this year's Gettysburg graduates who are now employed by the company. "Fourteen of the young alums are currently in the prestigious and demanding Business Sales Leadership Development Program in Atlanta," Duffy wrote. "Meghan Spellman graduated from the program earlier this year and is currently an Account Executive in our Signature Client Group segment also in Atlanta. We had dinner tonight following the day where I spoke to the entire program and spent the day in the program center. Many of our recent alums are leading in results in the program. They are truly being Gettysburg GREAT!" From left, Bill Weiss, Chris Douthett, John LeClerc, Spellman, Adam Ward, Lindsay Preucil, Nick Pollera, Emily Rarig, Duffy, Libby Conroy, Steven Decelian, Ryan Hinton, Brian LeShaw, Jesse Myerson, Tom Everett and Ryan Lester.

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