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December 30, 2011

A bunch of Bullets flew to Dublin, Ireland to celebrate the marriage of Meghan McBride ’06 to Jack Kelly on Aug. 4, 2011. Photo courtesy of Ann (Humelsine) McBride ’80 Front: Meghan (McBride) Kelly, Tova Kaplan, Brandice Murphy, Annie Draper, Kenzie Boney, Christine Piry, Liz Auriemma, Jolee (Emery) Lieberman, Ann (Humelsine) McBride. Second Row: Erin McElhone, Emily Chessin, Frannie Frisbie, Casey Clifford, Mike Sweeney, Matt Sweeney, Doug Lieberman, Tom McBride Last Row: Dave Rebuck, Liz Gibson, Kim Buchanon, Tommy McBride, Rachel Luteran, Mike Luteran, Austin Ball Missing from photo: Joan (McGann) Legath, Regis Legath

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