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January 11, 2013

This group of SAE from the early 1980s got together in support of Brian Bowersox '82, who has MS, with a visit to the Meadowlands Complex, where Wayne Hasenbalg '76 set up an inside tour of the facility. Hasenbalg is president and CEO of the N.J. Sports & Exposition Authority, which oversees the Meadowlands. Photo by Dave Byrnes '84, P '15

Back row: Jeff Lynch ’81, John Murphy ’81, Gene Reilly ’83, Dan Lewbart ’82, Brian McMonagle ’81, Dave Hackett ‘84, Middle Row: Wayne Hasenbalg ’76, John DiNapoli ’81, Paul Bowersox ’83, Pete Sileo ’82, Scott Schoenborn ’82, Paul Rosengrant ’84, Dave Byrnes ‘84, Center: Brian Bowersox ‘82, Front Row: Glenn Faust ’84, Scott Bowersox

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