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August 3, 2012

Students taking biology Professor István Urcuyo’s tropical marine biology course recently completed a two-week field research experience in San Salvador, Bahamas. Originally named Guanahani, San Salvador is believed to be the first island in the Americas that Christopher Columbus visited in 1492. The group is pictured in front of the monument that marks the site of his landfall. First row, from left: Bobby Martz '12, Rebecca Deffler '13, Holly Madland '14, Danielle Rubenstein '13, Melissa Bobby '12, Nick Hommes '13, Christine Serwan '13, Will Parkinson '13, John Vitarello '13, and Matt Blutfield '12. Second row, from left: Matt Toich '12, Josh Monk '13, Hannah Grose '13, and Eric Noll '13. Photo by István Urcuyo

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