Specific Course Recommendations


  • First-Year Seminars: Check the FY Seminar Booklet you received in the mail or view the courses online. Use the course descriptions to review the topics. THESE SEMINARS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE FALL SEMESTER. No First-Year seminars are available in the spring so we urge you to consider these carefully. FY housing is based on seminar registration; students in the same seminar will be housed near one another. NOTE: If you withdraw from a FY seminar after housing is assigned, your housing will NOT be altered.
  • Writing Courses: All students must complete the FY Writing requirement by the end of the year. Some FY Seminars meet this requirement and there are a number of English courses, 101, 111, and 113, which meet this requirement. If you are interested in a FY Seminar that does not meet the requirement, don't worry. You can register for a Writing Course in the spring. Some students will already have met the FY Writing requirement through AP credit (4 or 5 on Eng Lit or Eng Comp CEEB test), SAT score exemption (660 or above on Writing Component), or a college course taken elsewhere and approved for Gettysburg transfer credit.
  • Second language courses: If you plan to continue a language you began in high school, it is best to continue your study in the fall in order to make sure your skill level does not deteriorate through delay. Use the results of your placement test(s) to enroll in the appropriate level. Placement Results will be sent to you and they are also available through your Student Center Page. (Select "Language Placement Results" from the dropdown menu under Academics.) See the Advising web site for more information about language study at Gettysburg and read the FAQs about language study and the language placement exams.
  • Departmental Recommendations about Courses: Typically, the courses available to First-Year students are those appropriate both for students who are exploring an area and for those who already think they may want to major in that area. Some departments have highly structured majors - e.g., Biology, Health Sciences, Psychology-and make specific and different recommendations for students who plan to major and students who are exploring but do not plan to major. READ THE DEPARTMENTAL RECOMMENDATIONS CAREFULLY and contact the faculty listed if you have questions.
  • BIOLOGY: SPECIAL RECOMMENDATIONS: read this document carefully if you are interested in Biology, Health Sciences, medical school, Environmental Studies, Neuroscience, or are thinking about taking a Biology course your first semester.
  • Courses for Exploration: Apart from the recommendations noted above, our best advice is for you to take courses to explore new areas of study about which you are curious or to further your studies in areas that already excite your interests.

Office of Residential & First-Year Programs

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Transfer Student Resources

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Registrar's Office: Lindsay Arlington, larlingt@gettysburg.edu

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