From politics to user experience

“I just knew user experience was something every company would be hiring for—they didn’t know it at the time, but I saw it. I knew I wanted to head out west, which I thought was the epicenter of this work. I wanted to work for a large ecosystem with a lot of traffic. The work I do now in the travel industry is fun and complex. It’s one of the better professional experiences I’ve ever had.”

At Gettysburg

Sigma Chi fraternity

Ice Hockey Club

Study Abroad – South Africa



Learning to learn

“You can do a lot with a political science degree. It gives you the ability to look at things holistically and break down complex problems. What I learned at Gettysburg wasn’t the ins and outs of politics as much as it was the ability to learn and communicate.”

Finding success

“I spent five months studying in South Africa and it really stretched my comfort zone and changed my worldview. Success isn’t about checking off boxes on a LinkedIn profile. At Gettysburg, I learned to be a person of substance who could work well with others and learn quickly.”

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