Working with Migrant Populations

“I remember one of the survivors to this day. I know she is safe now, but it was very challenging to get her to that safety. Her VISA application was fraught with difficulties, and on top of that, she had been through so much trauma, so much pain throughout her journey to get here. In the end, though, we consider her one of our success stories – we were able to get a VISA for her and enroll her in a school. She graduated and now has a job in a hair salon. Seeing that whole process work – knowing that I am able to help someone – it is amazing.”

At Gettysburg

International Club officer

Latin American Students’ Association officer

Residence Life student staff

Alpha Delta Pi sorority

Student Senate


Study Abroad – South Africa


Community Involvement

“My father taught Spanish at a school in Mexico where Gettysburg College students would study abroad,” Flores Hidalgo explained. “When he was invited to teach at the College, I saw all of the opportunities and resources available to the students. I saw my father study abroad and travel. I knew that was what I wanted – to be a part of the Gettysburg College community, not as a bystander, but as a student.”

The Gettysburg Impact

“I am very thankful for the Gettysburg liberal arts experience. It was that huge melting pot of experiences that gave me the confidence to get to know the people that I was working with, to help them and find them safe houses. I’m certainly not an expert, but I know how to move the cards so that they fall into place. My time at Gettysburg gave me the confidence to do that.”

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