Lessons in the Laboratory

“I remember Prof. Ralph Sorenson’s class—he was one of the best lecturers and had one of the best labs. I liked Prof. Donald Jameson’s organic chemistry lab—he did a fantastic job of explaining the intricacies of electrons moving between bonds and could really make that visual for you and translate it into what you’d be doing in the lab. I had a good background in a mix of chemistry and biology, so drug discovery was a good place for me.”

At Gettysburg


Alpha Tau Omega


Guidance from the Gridiron

“Coach Streeter’s a fantastic guy. He is 100 miles per hour all the time. In my work I think daily about the lessons he taught us about mental toughness. He always told us to ‘run to finish the race.’ When I’m working hard, I think about Streeter and how he’s working just as hard, and that keeps me going.”

Becoming Gettysburg Great

“I look back on Gettysburg as a whole, and it was life changing. Without the faculty in particular, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I came in at 18-years-old as a student who liked Civil War history and left as someone who has the opportunity to save patients’ lives.”

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