Getting involved

“I struggled socially my first semester. My mom challenged me in a lengthy phone call to get involved, and that really made a world of difference. I met and became friends with students from literally all around the world, with different backgrounds and perspectives. It gave me a better understanding of Gettysburg College culture. It really was a life changing moment for me.”

At Gettysburg

Student Senate class representative


Black Student Union

Debate Union


Learning to lead

“I lead an organization today that spans across the United States, and I am responsible for people's careers, their livelihood, and all of the other things that come along with being the Vice President of an organization. I have to represent their voices, their opinions, and their needs. A lot of the leadership skills that I use everyday I learned right there on campus. Not only was I member of many groups, I also was a leader.”

Encouraging debate

“I had some great professors who would really open up a debate in their classes. I remember the size of the classes more than anything. I would be sitting in a class with maybe fourteen other people. In a small classroom setting there is no place to hide.  You had to be engaged.  This forced me to do the work beforehand, to have an opinion and be able to articulate that opinion in class.”

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