Gettysburg College will promote intellectual development, engagement, and leadership through active and innovative learning experiences.

Gettysburg attracts exceptionally bright and motivated students who expect to be fully involved in their learning inside and outside the classroom. To ensure our continued success at providing the kind of education they seek and deserve, we will create an unparalleled culture of engagement and active learning at Gettysburg.

This multifaceted effort will expand opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty on research and creative projects, broaden the range of options for off-campus learning in the U.S. and abroad, strengthen and promote co-curricular offerings as integral parts of the Gettysburg learning experience, and support an array of other initiatives that bring learning to life, cultivate independent thinking, teach lessons about leadership and teamwork, and promote active citizenship.

Gettysburg combines academic intensity with learning by getting involved-we aim to expand opportunities for both. In short, by pursuing the goals below, we will seek more ways to connect think with do.