It is now time to consider what’s next for our great College. The higher education landscape continues to change quickly. We face questions of value—the value of a college education, and a liberal arts experience in particular. Technology is transforming learning and teaching. The higher education marketplace has become more and more competitive. Consumers expect more with regard to opportunities and amenities, but express a lower willingness to pay for them. There is talk of “free” college and there are opportunities to take classes and earn certificates online.

However, in this fast-changing environment it is clear that the core focus of a Gettysburg education continues to resonate among prospective families. We teach students to think critically, to communicate effectively, to solve problems, and to lead with integrity. There is no better preparation for the globally interconnected world in which our graduates will live and work than a residential liberal arts education.

As we lay the groundwork for our next strategic plan this year, we must commit ourselves to responding to the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s world, building upon our extraordinary legacy and global network of support, and providing an education that remains among the best in the nation.