Sunderman Conservatory Scholarships

The Sunderman Conservatory is proud to recognize the talent and potential of gifted musicians at Gettysburg College. All Sunderman Conservatory scholarships are based upon an audition with members of the Conservatory faculty.

F. William Sunderman Scholarship

  • The highest talent scholarship awarded to top musicians pursuing a music major
    (Bachelor of Music degree in Performance, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Arts in Music)
  • Carries an award of $10,000 per year
  • Renewable annually based on satisfactory advancement in a music degree program, progress in private study, and satisfactory grade point average
  • Audition required

Parker B. Wagnild Scholarship

  • Talent scholarship awarded to students pursuing a Music Major or Music Minor and occasionally to highly-talented non-majors 
  • Carries an award of $10,000 per year
  • Renewable annually based on satisfactory advancement in a music degree program, progress in private study, continued participation in faculty-assigned conservatory ensemble(s), and satisfactory grade point average
  • Students must demonstrate satisfactory advancement in a music degree program (or minor), progress in private study, and maintain continued participation in a faculty-assigned conservatory ensemble.
  • Audition required

The Patrick Grant

  • Grant awarded to students with musical talent and a demonstrated financial need who plan to major or minor in music
  • Prospective students interested in this award must submit a complete financial aid application 
  • Audition required