Cost Worksheet

The Gettysburg College Board of Trustees approved the following costs for the 2015-16 academic year. Below is a worksheet to assist you in calculating your estimated costs. The regular room and USA meal plan are required for all first-year students. Continuing students should fill-in the appropriate charges based upon their situation. Please note that all costs are for the full-year unless otherwise noted.


Full-time (3 or more courses), $49,140
Part-time (Matriculated) per course, $6,370
Number of Courses:
Post-Graduate Student Teaching, $4,090

Apartment 7 Meal Plan, $2,390
Traditional 12 Meal Plan, $4,550
Servo Plus Meal Plan, $5,440
USA Meal Plan, $5,440 (Required for all first-year students)

Regular Room (Double, Triple - Plan 4), $6,290 (Required for all first-year students)
Middle Rate Room (Plan 3), $7,180
Single and Apartment Rate (Plan 1 and 2), $7,900

Other Misc. Charges

i.e. Health Insurance - $2,183 (may be waived if adequate coverage is provided by student or parent)

Music Lesson Fee - $275/semester, etc.

Total for Other Charges: $


Total Charges:


Total Credits:


Estimated Balance Due: