Applicants and Accepted Students- myGettysburg

First-year applicants can confirm the receipt of their financial aid materials by using the "My Financial Aid" section of myGettysburg (our online application checklist). Admitted first-year students can view their financial aid award via myGettysburg. Applicants and admitted students will use their Common App ID as their username to access myGettysburg.

This feature is available until June 1.  After that time, enrolled students will have access to the Student Center.

Current Students

Current students can access financial aid information online via Student Center. Enter your User ID and Password and click Sign in.    

Self-Service, View Financial Aid


Campus Finances Pages - View Financial Aid Award


The View Financial Aid hyperlink allows you to view your current as well as previous financial aid awards. When choosing this option, you must also select which aid year you wish to view. New aid years will be available after mid-June. You will be able to view your financial aid by Aid Year as well as by Terms.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Federal Work Study funds will be counted in the total of a financial aid award. However, these funds will NOT be counted as a payment towards the Student Account statement/bill.

By clicking on the View Scheduled Disbursement Dateshyperlink under Terms, you will be able to review each award for that term as well as the accepted amount, the net amount and a "tentative" scheduled disbursement date. Please take note of the message listed at the top of this page which outlines disbursement protocol.


Accept/Decline Financial Aid

 The Accept/Decline Awards hyperlink allows you to view financial aid for the aid year you previously selected. You will be able to view your awards for that aid year, as well as the offered and accepted amounts. Note: you may only decline or reduce current aid year awards.


Current Aid Year awards for College, Federal, and Private loans as well as Federal Work Study/Student Employment can be declined or reduced on the Award Package page as long as the award has not been disbursed to your student account. To decline an award, click on the check box under Decline next to the award you wish to decline. If you wish to reduce the amount of your award, change the amount of the award you wish to reduce. You must click on the green Submit Box in order for your requests to process.

You can use the green Accept All, Decline All, or Clear All boxes if you wish to assign the same status to all awards. Once again, you must click on the green Submit Box in order for your request to process.

After clicking on the green Submit box you will be transferred to an Accept/Decline Financial Aid page that gives you options to click Yes to continue with the Submit or click No to cancel the Submit.  You will be transferred to a confirmation page that tells you the Submit was successful. If you are not transferred to this page, your request will not be processed. Click the green OK icon to return to the Award Package page. Once changes are submitted, a Previous Transactions hyperlink will display on the Award Package page. When you select this hyperlink, the Date/Time will display for the changes you just made. Check the Status, this should read Successful. After changes have been submitted, original offered amounts cannot be reinstated except by the Office of Financial Aid.  


Request Counselor Action

The Request Counselor Action hyperlink at the bottom of the Accept/Decline Aid page allows you to submit a request directly to the Office of Financial Aid.  


On the Request Counselor Action page, follow the instructions at the top of the page. You must click the green Save button at the bottom of the page in order for your request to be processed. This will take you to a confirmation page, click the green OK icon to return to the Request Counselor Action page. At the bottom of the page, choose the appropriate hyperlink to return to the main pages.  


View Bill/Make a Payment

The View Bill/Make a Payment hyperlink allows you to access the QuikPAY system directly from Student Center. Once on QuikPAY, you can make payments, change your password and authorize other payers.

For questions regarding billing statements, please contact the Student Accounts Office.  


View 1098-T (for Federal Tax Purposes)

Gettysburg College is required to provide students with a 1098T form if they were enrolled at least part-time for academic credit. The information on the 1098 T can be used to claim the Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credit) on a federal tax return. There is additional information on the Student Accounts website regarding Scholarship and Fellowship Taxation.