Manuscript Collections


List of Inventories and Finding Aids

  • MS-001: Wilton C. Dinges Collection (H.L. Mencken Collection)
  • MS-002: Franklin O. Loveland Papers
  • MS-003: Amos E. Taylor Papers, Class of 1915
  • MS-004: Frank H. Kramer Papers, Class of 1914
  • MS-005: Charles H. Huber Papers, Class of 1892
  • MS-006: Philomathaean and Phrenakosmian Societies
  • MS-007: Jerry Spinelli Papers, Class of 1963
  • MS-008: William H. Young Papers
  • MS-009: Ambrose Henry Hayward Papers
  • MS-010: Linnaean Assocation Papers
  • MS-011: Lewis Tway Collections
  • MS-012: Robert Weidensall Papers, Class of 1860
  • MS-013: Karl Fredrich May Papers
  • MS-014: Thomas Cheshire Papers
  • MS-015: Frederick H. Kronenberger Papers
  • MS-016: Edmund Burke Papers
  • MS-017: Melvin R. Hamsher Papers, Class of 1904
  • MS-018: Robert W. Koons Papers, Class of 1943
  • MS-019: Donald F. Lybarger Papers, Class of 1919
  • MS-020: John H.Warner Papers
  • MS-021: John C. Tidball Papers
  • MS-022: David McConaughy Papers
  • MS-023: Samuel S. Schmucker Papers
  • MS-024: Major General Charles A. Willoughby Papers, Class of 1914
  • MS-025: J. G. Patterson Papers
  • MS-026: Diary: Aide de camp to General John E. Wool
  • MS-027: Michael Moyer Papers
  • MS-028: Lt. Daniel Chisolm Letters
  • MS-029: Letters to Biglerville Community
  • MS-030: Richard Schade Letters
  • MS-031: Chan F. Coulter Letters
  • MS-032: The Toomey Family Papers
  • MS-033: Ralph Burton Papers
  • MS-034: H.L. Baugher Family Papers
  • MS-035: John A. Himes, Class of 1870
  • MS-036: Radical Pamphlets, 1965 - 1975
  • MS-037: Richard A. Arms Papers
  • MS-038: Pen and Sword Society Papers
  • MS-040: Woman's General League of Gettysburg College Collection
  • MS-041: Thomas Meiser, Company F, 93rd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
  • MS-042: Lt. Sylvester Crossley, 118 Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers Company H (Corn Exchange)
  • MS-043: George Washington Beidelman Collection
  • MS-044: Stephen H. Warner Southeast Asia Photograph Collection
  • MS-048: World War I Service Questionnaires
  • MS-049: The Papers of Jacob M. Yingling, Class of 1952
  • MS-050: Robert B. Arms Collection
  • MS-051: The Letters of Richard A. Moore to his Wife During the Vietnam War
  • MS-052: The Papers of the Stephen H. Warner Committee
  • MS-053: Charles D. Ryan Collection
  • MS-054: The Papers of David Hedrick on the Stephen H. Warner Exhibit
  • MS-055: The Papers of the German Literary Society
  • MS-056: World War II German Prisoner of War Collection
  • MS-057: The Papers of Donna O. Schaper, Class of 1969: The Gettysburg Years
  • MS-058: Nancy Springer Papers, Class of 1970
  • MS-059: The Papers of Charles H. Glatfelter (Class of 1946)
  • MS-060: Henry N. Bemis Diaries
  • MS-061: Charles A. Rubright Collection
  • MS-062: George Hay Kain Papers (Class of 1897)
  • MS-063: Melancthon E. Washburn
  • MS-064: Henry T. Bream Papers
  • MS-065: Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania Collection
  • MS-066: Dissertation of George S. Warthen - "A Study of the Rolliad"
  • MS-067: The Papers of Robert Bell Bradley
  • MS-068: Henry P. Clare Letters
  • MS-069: The Papers of John W. Vannorsdall
  • MS-070: The Papers of Philip M. Biklé and Family
  • MS-071 : Mamie Eisenhower Letters
  • MS-072: Adin B. Thayer, Co. B, 16th Maine Volunteer Infantry
  • MS-073: Alexander C. Barr, Battery F,3rd Independent PA Light Artillery
  • MS-074: Thomas B. McGaffick, Co. F, 101st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
  • MS-075: Henry W. Siebert, Company E, 16th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry
  • MS-076: George C. Wynkoop, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, Dept. of Pennsylvania
  • MS-077: Gladys Kennedy World War II Letters  
  • MS-078: John B. Young, Company H, Pennsylvania 5th Artillery Regiment
  • MS-079: Captain Benjamin F. Lee Collection regarding 28th Pennsylvania Infantry and John W. Geary
  • MS-080: The Francis A. Shearer Collection
  • MS-081: Leahy Family Correspondence; 1894-1901, Gibraltar
  • MS-082: Capt. Russell Miller and Claudia Lewis Miller Correspondence, 1916-1919
  • MS-084: The Letters of Gerald Koster, World War II
  • MS-085: The Mary Dolheimer Collection of Women's Commission Papers (1985-2001)
  • MS-086: Kathrine Kressmann Taylor (Rood) Papers
  • MS-087: Phi Sigma Kappa, Rho Deuteron Chapter
  • MS-088: Dillon Anderson papers
  • MS-089: The Yarnell Collection
  • MS-090: Interfraternity Council and Pan-Hellenic Council records
  • MS-091: Women's Student Government papers
  • MS-092: Phi Kappa Psi, Pennsylvania Epsilon Chapter
  • MS-093: John Henry Wilbrand Stuckenberg papers
  • MS-094: The Letters of John Duttera, World War II
  • MS-095: John Wright, World War I letters
  • MS-096: John W. Miner letters
  • MS-097: Papers of Dr. Robert Fortenbaugh '13
  • MS-098: Eisenhower letters to Col. and Mrs. Sam White
  • MS-099: Robert H. Fryling papers
  • MS-100: Reuel Williams Waters, 1st Battalion, Main Light Artillery
  • MS-101: Miscellaneous 18th and 19th Century British Letter Collection
  • MS-103: Jes Jerry Jessen World War I Letters
  • MS-104: World War II Letters From Carl G. Ohmer and Richard E. Ohmer
  • MS-105: John L. Barry Civil War Letters
  • MS-106: Morris, J.G. and Morris-Hay Family Diaries, 1827-1890
  • MS-107: Michael Jacobs Collection
  • MS-108: Louise Ramer, Class of 1929, Chi Omega Collection
  • MS-109: Dwight D. Eisenhower Appointment Books, 1961-1967
  • MS-110: Fannie Hurst Newsletter Collection
  • MS-111: Eisenhower Society paper
  • MS-112: Deborah H. Barnes papers
  • MS-113: Thomas Yost Cooper papers
  • MS-114: Elizabeth Peeling Lyon papers
  • MS-115: Notarangelo Collection of Louis A. Parsons papers (1895-1926)
  • MS-116: Diary of Corporal Robert Ridge, 95th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
  • MS-117: Papers of George H. Sweet Jr., '42
  • MS-118: Letters Solicited by Jerold Wikoff for Gettysburg Alumni Magazine
  • MS-119: Glatfelter Collection of Pennsylvania Hall Research
  • MS-120: Naviglia-Woncheck World War II Letters
  • MS-122: Civil War Institute
  • MS-123: Robert D. Hanson papers
  • MS-124: Samuel Simon Schmucker Bicentennial Celebration 1999
  • MS-125: Samuel E. and Clara Turner papers, 1861-1865
  • MS-126: Anita Faller Alford Collection
  • MS-127: John B. Zinn papers
  • MS-128: Papers of William C. Darrah
  • MS-129: Burlew Letters
  • MS-130: World War I Letters of Henry W. Straus
  • MS-132: Norman O. Forness papers
  • MS-133: John F. Kent Collection, Co. D., NY First Cavalry Regiment
  • MS-134: William C. Wright Collection of the Eugene McCarthy 1968 Presidential Campaign
  • MS-135: George Currier's Notes on the Lectures Delivered at the Medical Department of Pennsylvania College at Philadelphia, 1849-1850
  • MS-136: Temma Berg Collection
  • MS-137: Medical Department of Pennsylvania College at Philadelphia Collection
  • MS-138: Emile O. Schmidt Collection
  • MS-139: Jerome O. Hanson Collection
  • MS-142: World War II Correspondence of Clarence and Helen Haldeman
  • MS-143: Frederick Weiser papers, Class of 1957
  • MS-146: Lillian Mae Pittenturf Hollebaugh Albums
  • MS-147: Lieutenant Andrew R. Kane Letters
  • MS-148: Lieutenant John A. Kinnear Letters
  • MS-150: Battle of Gettysburg 150th Commemoration Collection
  • MS-151: Dr. Edward F. Sipe '26 Papers
  • MS-154: Papers of Eileen Spinelli
  • MS-155: The Lt. Francis M. Tompkins WWI Scrapbooks
  • MS-156: Integration Crisis in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • MS-157: The Donald Brett Collection of Eisenhower Memorabilia
  • MS-158: Gary T. Hawbaker '66 Collection
  • MS-159: Robert Pomponio '88 Theatre Arts Scrapbook
  • MS-160: Anna E. Quinn Collection
  • MS-161: The Ellen Wild Letters
  • MS-162: Colonel William Brisbane Papers
  • MS-163: The Class of 1963 Collection
  • MS-164: Assorted Documents from the United Nations Relief & Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)
  • MS-165: Papers of Jen Bryant, Class of 1982
  • MS-166: Sargent Harvey Moore Papers
  • MS-167: Hiram Parker, Jr. Letters
  • MS-168: Lena and Robert Fortenbaugh '13 Papers
  • MS-169: Albert Chance WII Papers
  • MS-170: Jay P. Brown '51 Sheet Music Collection
  • MS-171: The Luther J. Thomas Papers
  • MS-172: Papers of the Paxton Family
  • MS-173: The Leo Jarboe Papers
  • MS-174: The Science Center Collection
  • MS-175: The Kate Burr Whiting Travel Journal
  • MS-176: Papers of Hoadley George Hosford, 44th New York
  • MS-177: Lillian Quinn Letters
  • MS-178: Papers of David Woods '52
  • MS-184: Henry Louis Baugher, Class of 1857, Travel Diary

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