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Processed by: Andrew Royer

February 2009

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Donated to Musselman Library by Robert Fryling.



Robert "Bob" H. Fryling came from Danville, PA, as a freshman at Gettysburg College in 1939.  He majored in mathematics and graduated in 1943 before serving in the Marine Corps for the next three years.  In 1946, he began work towards a Master's degree at the University of Michigan.  However, in the fall of 1947 he was offered a position as instructor of mathematics and returned to Gettysburg.  He completed a Master's degree in Mathematics in 1952, this time at the University of Pittsburgh.  The same year he was offered the newly created position of Dean of Men by President Walter Langsam.  This position dealt with student life issues such as fraternities, the dorm counseling system, and parking.  During the four years Fryling served as dean, the National Interfraternity Conference twice rated the Gettysburg College fraternity system the best in the nation. 

Fryling continued to teach mathematics during his time as dean but returned to Pittsburgh between 1956 and 1958 to work on a PhD and in 1972 was granted a Ph.D in mathematics with a specialty in statistics.  In 1958, he returned to full time teaching as assistant professor of mathematics.  Fryling was granted tenure in 1962 and became an associate professor in 1969.  In 1975, he became the chairman of the mathematics department for several years.  He retired in 1987 after 40 years of association with the college.   

While teaching at Gettysburg College, Fryling was involved in numerous committees and activities throughout different areas of the College.  He served on the Executive Committee on Teaching and Learning and was the leader within the mathematics department concerning teacher education serving as the chairman on the Teacher Education-Secondary committee.  He sat on the Advisory Committee on Athletics and the selection committee for the Athletic Hall of Honor.  He was the advisor for the Interfraternity Council and advisor to Alpha Tau Omega, (of which he was a member as a student at Gettysburg).  Other committees on which he served are the Executive Committee, CUB Review Board, the Task Force Committee, and the Homecoming Committee.



Scope and Content Notes

The Robert H. Fryling papers consist of material related to his professional association with Gettysburg College, and include a wide variety of subjects and interests, in areas of student life and school governance.  This collection does not contain any papers relating to Fryling's research, personal life, or his time as an undergraduate at Gettysburg College.


Series Description

This collection is divided into six Series.  Series 1: Fraternities, Series 2: Personal Papers Related to Gettysburg College, Series 3:  Board of Trustees Committee on Student Affairs, Health, and Religious Life, Series 4: Document Strategy Consulting Project Report 1995, Series 5: Registrar Notes 1914, and Series 6: 1993 Graduation Photographs.


Series 1, Sub-Series A consists of materials relating to the Interfraternity Alumni Conference from 1958-1963.  There are reports and schedule of speakers that show the common issues and problems facing fraternities during this time period.  Series 1, Sub-Series B consists of reports concerning deferred rushing.  Series 1, Sub-Series C consists of an un-dated report on fraternity housemothers and describes their qualifications, authority, and responsibilities.  Series 1, Sub-Series D consists of a memorandum to the Sigma Chi Fraternity from Bob Nordvall, the Provost and their chapter advisor in 1988 about a court case involving a hosting house being responsible for underage drinking. 

Series 2, Sub-Series A consists of a 1973 report based on a year-long study of a Trustee ad hoc Committee on Athletics.  It deals with the issue of making Gettysburg College competitive, especially in basketball and football, and discusses student athlete financial aid, whether to switch to the college level of competition, and the overall budget of the Athletics department.  Series 2, Sub-Series B consists of an Alumni-Development Survey from March 30, 1987 that presents a wide array of statistics taken from alumni about their personal history with the school and their opinions on various aspects of the college.   Series 2, Sub-Series C consists of materials related to the development of the college physically with building improvements and landscapes.  There is also a report dealing with the growth and development of all aspects of Gettysburg from 1972-1982.  Series 2, Sub-Series D consists of reports and memorandums concerning the granting of faculty status, self-renewal grant committee, and visit of dignitaries between 1975 and 1988.  Series 2, Sub-Series E consists of correspondence concerning Pennsylvania Hall being one of the few places in the United States that flies the American Flag 24 hours a day.  Series 2, Sub-Series F consists of lecture acceptance correspondence between 1961 and 1962.  Series 2, Sub-Series G consists of a folder titled "Papers of Stimulation" that came together in the collection containing newspaper articles, pictures, and written essays. 

Series 3, Sub-Series A consists of information on what the committee is and who is on it.  There are also all of the meeting agendas and hand written notes from 1988-1989.  Series 3, Sub-Series B consists of materials related to student health on campus.  There is information on the health center, women's center, material related to the school's policy on contraceptive devices, the policy on AIDS, and alcohol and drug abuse.  Series 3, Sub-Series C consists of materials related to student life such as student outcomes, the student senate and the former dean of student life Susan Brady.  (Fryling was not actually on this committee but the materials are possibly from Sarah Wendt, class of 1990, who was the student on the committee)

Series 4 consists of the appendix D of a document strategy Consulting Project Report from 1995 concerning the usage of paper throughout the college.

Series 5 consists of hand written notes from the registrar in 1914 listing student names and courses. 

Series 6 consists of pictures from the 1993 Gettysburg College Graduation. 

Download Finding Aid - Adobe PDF (123KB)

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