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VFM-208: Stemen, John Roger. Letters from Stephen H. Warner, Class of 1968, and Materials about Conscientious Objectors of the Vietnam War

Processed by: Keith Swaney
March 2004

Provenance: Musselman Library acquired these materials from Dr. J. Roger Stemen in 1992. Stemen was a Professor of History at Gettysburg College with whom Stephen Warner corresponded until Warner's death along the Laotian border in 1971.

Scope and Content: This vertical file manuscript collection consists of three series in one archival folder: I. Correspondence; II. Publications produced by the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors; and III. Miscellaneous items. With the exception of one letter, most of the correspondence is from Warner and addressed to Dr. Stemen. The researcher should consult the inventory at the item level in order to learn the content of each letter.

Series II contains publications disseminated by the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors. For the most part, this series consists of essays; however, the Handbook for Conscientious Objectors provides the researcher with a context for conscientious objection during the Vietnam War.

Series III is entitled "Miscellaneous." Two of the publications in this series have particular value, as they were intended for servicemen. One of them, published by the Department of the Army, discusses conscientious objection from the Armed Forces' perspective.

Where possible, the materials in this vertical file manuscript collection are arranged chronologically.

Inventory, 3pp.

Series I: Correspondence

Folder 1 Letter: Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors to Stephen H. Warner-8/11/69, TLS, 3pp. (original). Discusses Warner's options as a conscientious objector in the Armed Forces.

Letter: Warner to Dr. John R. Stemen, History Department, Gettysburg College-7/12/68, TLS, 2pp. (original) with attached outline, TD with handwriting, 1p. (original). Warner proposes an outline and research plan for a project with the South Street Seaport Museum in lower Manhattan.

Letter. Warner to Stemen-1/13/70, TLS with handwritten post script, 2pp. (original). Mentions Warner's plan to give publications to Gettysburg College while overseas. Comments on his job as an information specialist at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Letter. Warner to Stemen-3/30/70, TLS with handwritten notes, 2pp. (original & copy). Relates Warner's daily life and responsibilities at Long Bien army base.

Letter. Warner to Stemen-12/10/70, TLS, 2pp. (original). Discusses the types of documents Warner is trying to obtain in Vietnam.

Series II: Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Publications

Handbook for Conscientious Objectors-January 1968, 110pp. (original)

Essay. "So you would have fought Hitler?" by Arlo Tatum-May-June 1968, 1p. (original)

Essay. "So you would fight if this Country were attacked?" by Arlo Tatum-no date, 1p. (original)

Essay. "Fact Sheet on Vietnam and the Draft"-no date, 1p. (original)

Essay. "The Conscientious Objectors and the Armed Forces"-October 1968, TM, 14pp. (original)

Essay. "Are you a conscientious objector?"-November 1968, 1p. (original)

Essay. "Notes from Fort Dix Stockade"-February 1969, 2pp. (original)

Essay. "Thinking Through the Basis of Conscientious Objection (For Military Personnel)"-April 1969, TM, 4pp. (original)

News Notes of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors- May-June-July-August 1969, 4pp. (original)

Series III: Miscellaneous

The Spread Eagle-Volume 1, Number 1-no date, TM, 2pp. (original) with attached 3x5" index card, handwritten, 2pp. (original). This publication was "a new GI paper at Fort Campbell, (Kentucky)," designed to "go beyond what one is likely to hear from the army's information services."

Personnel Separations: Conscientious Objection, Published by the Department of the Army-1/22/69, 4pp. (original) with attached "Military Information Questionnaire"-no date, TD, 1p. (original)

Promotion for the "Age of Aquarius" (Non-Profit Organization)-no date, AD, 1p. (original)

Political cartoon-11/5/69, 1p. (copy)

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