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Fourth Floor
Gettysburg College Box 420
Gettysburg, PA 17325

717-337-7002 / 717-337-7046



Oral History Collection - G

Interviewee Subject Date Interviewer
Gaenslen, Fritz R. Making a Life 10/21/1998 Andrew Dangel
Gaenslen, Fritz R. 1960s-70s 3/27/2000 Jonathan Barnes
Gaenslen, Fritz R. Making a Life 10/28/2011 James Camire
Gale, John World War II 10/29/2002 Ryan Kubasek
Gale, John World War II 10/29/2004 Craig Schneider
Gallagher, John World War II 10/10/2006 Elizabeth Metzger
Gardner, Charles World War II 10/27/2004 Scott Kenner
Garnett, Robert Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/9/1993 Clifford Murphy
Garnett, Robert Making a Life 10/25/2011 Sarah Hayes
Geiman, Edward World War II 10/29/2004 Stephen Hughel
Geiselman, Jane World War II 10/26/2009 Victoria Shepard

Gemmil, Robert


Gettysburg College in the 1960s 10/2/1990 Brett Kokoruda
Gemmil, Robert Hanson Era, 1950s 11/4/1992 David Jarvis
Gemmil, Robert Robert Fortenbaugh 10/27/1994 Jamal Liverpool
Gemmil, Robert Gettysburg College in the 1960s 11/9/1993 David Wengel
Gemmil, Robert Gettysburg College in the 1950s 10/7/1991 Peter Vermilyea

Gemmil, Robert

Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/27/2011 Graham Harkins
George, Dr. Charles H. World War II 3/18/2004 Amanda Ruch
Geyer, Betty Women in World War II 11/9/1992 Jacob Blackford
Geyer, Elizabeth World War II 11/5/1999 Elizabeth Bauerlein
Giauque, Charles World War II 10/29/2004 and 10/31/2004 Tara Wink
Gilbert, Daniel Gettysburg in the 1960s 10/31/2001 Chris Loomis
Gingrich, Richard World War II 10/19/2006 Jason Loh
Gill, Sandra 1960s-70s 3/21/2000 Rachel Hanson
Glascoe, Myrtle 1960s-70s 3/24/2000 Jennifer Yaremczak
Glassick, Charles Gettysburg College 1977-1989 11/30/2001 Michael Birkner
Glassick, Charles Gettysburg College 12/1/2001 Michael Birkner
Glassick, Mary Gettysburg College 12/1/2001 Michael Birkner
Glatfelter, Charles Gettysburg College in the 1960s 9/27/1990 Meredith Klinger
Glatfelter, Charles Robert Fortenbaugh 11/2/1994 Greer Colvard
Glatfelter, Charles Hanson Era, 1950s 3/12/1992 F. Weston Bartlett
Glatfelter, Charles Making a Life 8/6/1998 and 6/11/1999 Michael Birkner and David Hedrick
Glatfelter, Charles Making a Life/Gettysburg College History 8/18/2004 Michael Birkner
Glatfelter, Charles Gettysburg College 9/3/2004 Michael Birkner
Glatfelter, Charles Gettysburg College 9/23/2005 Michael Birkner
Glatfelter, Miriam World War II Homefront 3/22/2007 Danielle Beasley
Godman, Sr., Richard World War II 10/22/2009 Austin Clark
Godman, L. Virginia World War II 10/21/2009 Laura Baldasarre
Goldberg, Leonard Making a Life 10/31/2005 Stefanie Krzminski
Gordon, Doris World War II 11/3/2010 Tim McLaughlin
Gordon, Gary D. World War II 10/31/2010 Edward Smith
Gotshall, John World War II 10/25/2001 Eric Weaver
Gotwalt, Beulah Women in World War II 11/2/1992 Chris Patterson
Gregorio, Lawrence Making a Life 10/22/1997 Lavinia Rogers
Gregorio, Lawrence Charles Glassick 3/25/2002 John Potter
Grey, Jim World War II 4/26/2010 Paul Kramarz
Gross , Jay Jr. World War II 10/12/2009 Jeremy Lechner
Grotto, Sharon Davis Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/17/2005 Nicole Santos
Guise, Dick Hanson Era, 1950s 11/6/1992 David O'Brien
Guss, Evelyn World War II 3/30/1999 Jenny Kummerle
Guss, Evelyn Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/11/2004 Holly Hannema
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