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RG 4.2 Office of the Provost: papers of the Office of the Registrar

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Reports, Policies and Registrations 

Agency History:  The office of the registrar is responsible for protecting the integrity of the institution's academic records and degrees, for serving students relative to the completion of degree requirements, and for responding to requests from the faculty and administration for academic data.  The office itself dates back at least to fifteenth-century Oxford.  In the slow but steady development of a system of higher education in America, the registrar, as a full-time university or college official, did not appear until the 1890s.  Up until that time the function of academic recordkeeping fell to a member of the faculty often as a part-time duty.  The position of registrar did not appear at Pennsylvania College of Gettysburg until 1911 during President William Granville's first year in office.  Before that time, students' academic accomplishments were recorded in bound ledger books, presumably located in the office of the president or college dean.  Individual permanent record cards began with the class of 1912.    

By 2010, seven persons have served Gettysburg College as registrar. During the early years the registrar also had other institutional responsibilities, and only since 1957 has it been a full-time administrative position with a separate office:

Herbert A. Rinard 1911-1912 (one year) (appointed by President William A. Granville) Class of 1903, earned MA 1906 Gettysburg Seminary, also served as YMCA Secretary 1909-1912, left to be Asst Headmaster at Perkioman School, later served as parish pastor at several congregation, ending career as an Armed Service chaplain

Clyde B. Stover 1912-1943 (31 years) (appointed by President William A. Granville) Class of 1894 MA Gettysburg 1897, some graduate work Johns Hopkins 1894-95, Hon DSc Gettysburg 1944 one year after retirement, also served as Prof. of Chemistry 1896-1943 (a total of 47 years) and Secretary of the faculty

Charles R. {Hips} Wolfe 1943-1957 (14 years) (appointed by Henry W.A. Hanson) Class of 1923 MA Gettysburg 1926, Master Gettysburg Academy 1923-1935, Prof of English 1935-1943, also Dean of Admission 1943-1964, until his death, and Secretary of the faculty during his tenure as registrar (41 total years of service)

Mildred Hartzell 1957-1971 (14 years) (appointed by Willard S. Paul) Class of 1926, secretary and then assistant to the College Dean 1928-1957, also Secretary to the faculty 1957-1960 (43 years of service)

G. Ronald Couchman 1971-2007 (36 years) (appointed by C. Arnold Hanson) Class of 1963, also admissions counselor 1967-1971, after retirement part-time assistant in Special Collections as well as in several other administrative offices 2007-

Michael Maysilles 2007-2009 (2 years) (appointed by Kate Will) BM The Boston Conservatory, MM Northwestern. First non-graduate, left to become registrar, Caldwell College, NJ

James {Jim} Duffy 2009- (appointed by Janet Riggs) BA and M.Ed Lynchburg College also Assistant Registrar, November 2004 to January 2007

Scope and Content Notes: The Reports, Policies and Registrations records of the Office of the Registrar comprise 5.6 cubic feet of material, organized into five series.  The record group is arranged in such a way as to facilitate the addition of new material as it becomes available in the following categories:  Series I, College Academic Policies and Regulations; Series II, Enrollment Reports; Series III, Course Enrollment and Faculty Teaching Load Reports; Series IV, Grade Distribution Reports; Series V, Subject.

Series Description: Series I includes three policy manuals containing individually added academic policy summaries from the 1920s through 1971.  The policies in each manual are arranged in alphabetical order.  Also in this series is a copy of the Faculty Handbook for 1973 which contains a section on academic policies and regulations.  Statements of policies established since that time are still retained by the Office of the Registrar.  Another source for academic regulations and policies would be the printed Gettysburg College catalogues, copies of which are found in the Special Collections Reading Room of the Musselman Library at Gettysburg College. Current academic policies and regulations are available through the Gettysburg Curriculum link on the Gettysburg College website.

Series II, III and IV contain reports produced by the Office of the Registrar in the areas of enrollment, faculty teaching load and grade distribution.  The reports in each of these series are housed in separate boxes so that new material can be added to the series as it becomes available.  The Office of the Registrar retains reports for a period of ten years after which they are transferred to the archives on a yearly basis every October. The enrollment reports, Series II, begin with some comparative data from the 1950s and, since the fall of 1958, are arranged by academic year. Information included in these yearly reports would be fall and spring semester beginning enrollments, student attrition, pre-registration totals, student geographic and religions distribution, and the number of majors and minors is each subject area. The teaching load reports, Series III, begin with a course by course listing from the 1960-1961 academic year through 1971-1972.  Beginning with the 1973-1974 academic year, the reports identify the teaching load by department, individual course and faculty member.  The grade distribution reports, Series IV, begin with grade summaries by department from 1955-1956 through 1967-1968. Beginning in 1969-1970, grades are reported by department, individual course and faculty member.

Series V Subject contains information about registration, preparations made by the Registrar's Office for graduation, goals and accomplishment of the office from the 1980s and 1990s, off-campus study data, implementation of the PeopleSoft Management Information system, and other announcements from and activities of the Office of the Registrar.

Download Finding Aid - Adobe PDF (49KB)

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