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RG - 2.0.7: The Papers of the President of Gettysburg College: Henry W.A. Hanson: (1923-1952)

Download Finding Aid - Adobe PDF (27 KB)  


Henry W.A. Hanson (1882-1962) began the longest tenure of any Gettysburg College president when he was elected to the post in the summer of 1923.  His remarkable administration spanned almost three decades, and witnessed monumental events s the Great Depression and World War II.  He is remembered for the enthusiasm he showed not only for the personal welfare of the students but for their academic success as well, which manifested itself in many new and innovative ways such as the establishment of a more formal student advising program in 1924 and a Freshman Orientation Weekend in 1926.

His enthusiasm was not just limited to the students, how munity at large.  At his insistence, the Board of  Trustees instituted a sabbatical leave policy and  introduced a pension plan for the professors as well as initiated discussions for a similar pension program for all college personnel.

Under his administration many new buildings, such as a new gymnasium, science building and library were built, although there was some controversy surrounding where t ing for these new buildings came from.  After he and his wife Elizabeth Painter Hanson retired to Harrisburg, PA in 1952, Hanson made good on his promise to work for the greater good of Gettysburg College by returning to the campus for special occasions and regularly attending board meetings up until his death in 1962. 

Download Finding Aid - Adobe PDF (27 KB)

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