"Leaves from The American Bible," a collection of 38 original leaves from the most significant Bible editions printed in the United States from 1663 to 1878, will be on exhibit in Musselman Library's Special Collections through June 6, 2008. The leaves are from a set of rare American Bible folios donated by Geoff Jackson, '91, produced in 1992 by the Haydn Foundation for the Cultural Arts.

First Illustrated

Curious Hieroglyphic Visit often, as leaves will be exhibited on a rotating basis. A few highlights from the collection of 38 leaves include:


  • The first Bible printed in America (1663)
  • The first Bible printed in English (1782)
  • The first Bible in German printed in America by Christopher Saur (1743)
  • The first Bible printed on paper manufactured in America (1763)



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