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In 1907 Emma and Christian Musselman traveled to Biglerville, Pennsylvania, by horse and buggy from their native Lancaster County to manage a floundering cannery purchased by the family at sheriff's sale. Through their hard work, vision, and thrift, they developed this small business into the largest apple processing company in the United States. Their legacy to the fruit industry in Adams County and their generosity through the foundations they established have carved a heritage for us that, like the trees they cultivated, has roots that grow deep, branches that stretch out, and fruits that multiply.

Musselman philanthropy has reached into the community providing funds for initiatives at institutions such as the Gettysburg Hospital, the YWCA, the Adams County Public Library, the Lutheran Theological Seminary, the Adams County Historical Society.

Gettysburg College acknowledges with grateful appreciation significant gifts from the Musselman Foundation and the Emma G. Musselman Foundation In recognition of this generous support a residence hall, a stadium, and this library were named in their honor.

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