Stephen H. Warner, 1946-1971;
Words and Pictures from the Vietnam War

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This exhibition appears principally through the efforts of David Hedrick, Special Collections Librarian at Gettysburg College.  In his capacity as keeper of the Stephen H. Warner Collection, it was David who initially read the dozens of letters and notebooks in the collection (all written in longhand) before selecting and transcribing those portions which form the textual segment of the exhibit.  David brought to this task a special interest and sensibility which very likely stem in part from the fact that he is a member of the Stephen Warner generation and a veteran of the Vietnam War, having served two tours of duty aboard a U.S. Naval Vessel off the coast of North Vietnam.

A particular commendation goes out to five students enrolled in Professor Norman L. Annis's Art 391: Visual Arts Resource Management (Spring semester, 1993).  They were:  Kristie Conway, Elliot Wagner, Maggie Slade, Robynn Scott, and Mitchell Lewis.  What began as a routine course assignment gradually evolved into a dedication of labor to a person who, though from a different time, was very much like themselves.  Prior to researching this project, these students had only read about the era of the Vietnam War in a history course.  To them, the casualties and survivors of the Vietnam War were a world apart, indistinct figures in a distant conflict which raged a generation before they were even born.  (An impromptu survey taken one day in class showed that with but two exceptions, the parents of these five students graduated from college in the class of 1968.)

All of us directly involved with the exhibition wish to express our collective gratitude to Steve Warner's parents, Esther and Harold Warner, for their generous support, and to professor emeritus Roger Stemen for sharing his recollections of Steve Warner and his era.

A very special thank you goes to Colonel Alfred J. Mock, Stephen's commanding officer in Vietnam.  Colonel Mock read of the exhibit, came to the initial opening, and graciously provided a wealth of information about Stephen and his activities in Vietnam.

Negative reproductions of the original photographic prints produced by Stephen H. Warner in Vietnam were made by Larry Kinneman of Zeigler Studio, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Photographic enlargements and finish were provided by Delta Color, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, under the supervision of Dave Bussick.

The initial exhibit at Gettysburg College was partially funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The exhibit labels were courtesy of the Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

The virtual exhibit was compiled by Christina Ericson.
Copyright 1999.

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