All gift materials offered to the College must demonstrably support the objectives of the College and Musselman Library. Before any major gift is accepted for Special Collections, appropriate financial, staffing, space arrangements, and other considerations must be agreed to by the Special Collections Librarian and College Librarian.

Furthermore, a gift should be accepted only if we are prepared to provide proper care and respect for it. All gift material shall be accompanied by a Deed of Gift. The monetary evaluation of gifts is the donor's responsibility.

Local history will be collected only on a limited basis and primarily as it directly pertains to Gettysburg College or the Civil War. The strength and accessibility of other local collections will be considered when evaluating a potential acquisition.

Art objects and memorabilia will be held in Special Collections only if they are directly in support of the objectives and scope of the collections. Such objects must be in good condition for display and shall warrant the effort necessary to catalog and maintain them.

Photographs will be accepted provided they are in good condition and are identified or easily identifiable.

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