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Administrative Advisory Council

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The Gettysburg College Administrative Advisory Council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the President.  The AAC will devote its time primarily to administrative concerns and to the facilitation of good communication between campus constituencies and divisions of the College.  The AAC will review and make recommendations in a variety of areas including the improvement of business processes (particularly those requiring cross-divisional collaboration), the professional development of administrative staff, and campus-wide communication.  The AAC may also work on special assignments as identified by the President.


The AAC will meet as needed, but not less than twice per semester.  At the beginning of each academic year, the AAC will organize itself by electing one of its members to serve as Chair.  The Chair will prepare the agenda for AAC meetings, facilitate the conducting of AAC business, delegate tasks, and oversee the activities of the AAC.  AAC members will honor confidentiality of discussions when appropriate.


Each division head will recommend to the President one administrative employee from his/her respective division to be a member of the AAC.  The Co-Directors of Human Resources and Risk Management will serve as ex-officio members.  Members of the AAC will be appointed by the President for a period of two years.  The initial Council will have four members with a two-year term and three members with a three-year term beginning August 1, 2011.