Dining Facilities

Gettysburg College’s Dining Services is frequently recognized for its great food, great service, and great staff.

Gettysburg College’s award-winning Dining Services is constantly working to provide delicious, nutritious meals. We offer a variety of meal plans designed to meet the varied needs of all of our students. We look forward to serving you!

Dining Awards

The Dining Center (Servo)
The most popular place to eat and a hub of campus social activity, serving meals or light fare and offering lots of choices throughout the day, seven days a week.

The Dive

The Dive in the John F. Jaeger Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness, serves an eclectic menu of sandwiches, soups, and salads, as well as fresh made smoothies and other snacks.

bullet hole

The Bullet Hole is in its temporary location, located on the west end of the dining center. The Bullet Hole serves, salads, sandwiches & subs, pizza, and hot entrées daily.


The Commons Cafe
in the College Union Building
A coffee shop and lounge, serving Starbucks coffee as well as a variety of snacks and convenience items.

Standards and Program Highlights

All of our food and supplies are from approved licensed sources. We receive deliveries 6 days a week to ensure freshness. We use household, brand name products including Barilla Pasta, Campbells, Coca Cola, General Mills, Heinz, Hershey’s, Kraft, and McCormick, among others.

We pride ourselves on our innovative culinary programs. Below is a listing of a few of our program highlights:

  • A four-week cycle menu developed from over 1,800 recipes, which is continually reviewed and updated to keep the menu fresh.
  • Gluten–free, vegan, vegetarian, and special diet meal options are available at all meals.
  • A self-service deli counter available at lunch and dinner, including meatless items, assorted breads, and two panini presses.
  • Fresh 100% beef burgers that are made to order during Lite Fare hours.
  • Nutrition information available online.
  • Servo Express food truck serving your favorite food at various times of day and night.

Food Allergy Program and Special Diets

Gettysburg College Dining Services has an innovative Food Allergy Program to address the needs of students who have special dietary needs. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Hear what some of our students have to say about it:

“On my first visit to campus, I was pleasantly surprised when I was invited into the kitchen and I didn’t have to explain anything – I even had a choice of what I wanted to eat! Since then, I’ve never had to worry about how my meals are prepared. Servo is ahead of their time and are truly a part of what sets Gettysburg College apart from other colleges and universities.” – Christine P., Celiac Disease with dairy and soy intolerances

“This friendly group of employees looks after our Gettysburg community in more ways than one. Servo has a staff of chefs specifically focused on students with gluten, dairy, and soy intolerances, and all of their staff are interested in our lives and know us by name!” – Kelsey M., Celiac Disease

Find out more about our Food Allergy Program.

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