About the Class of 2014

The approximately 720 members of Class of 2014 were drawn from an outstanding total applicant pool of 5,392 students and represent 29 states and 9 countries.

A brief list of some of their accomplishments:

  • One is a championship sailboat skipper and US fencing gold medalist.
  • One, who is a descendant of the Mayflower pilgrims and Abe Lincoln, traveled to Romania to care for orphans and helped build homes in Appalachia.
  • One won a silver medal in the 200-meter breaststroke in the Netherlands.
  • One wrote and published a WWII veteran’s memoirs.
  • One sang for Obama’s inauguration and has performed backup vocals for Beyonce, Bruce Springstein, and Garth Brooks.
  • One participated in a World Championship for Irish Step dancing.
  • One agility trains his sheepdogs and has played the trumpet for President Clinton.
  • One has performed at Carnegie Hall.
  • One discovered a habitat for rare toads that is now legally protected.
  • One fundraised for supplies that were sent to an Afghan orphanage where her father served.
  • One recorded oral histories of war veterans for a historical society.
  • And one is the president and designer of a local organization providing business attire to abused women entering the workforce.


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