About the Class of 2016

The approximately 775 members of Class of 2016 were drawn from an outstanding total applicant pool of over 5,600 students and represent 28 states and 11 countries.

A brief list of just some of their accomplishments:

  • Daniel Mallozzi, of Pennsylvania – he was a swim coach for the Special Olympics, working with autistic children and teaching them how to swim. He’s also a certified open water diver.
  • Estelle Reed, of Michigan – she spent 8 hours a day, 5 days a week excavating the forum of a third-century Roman city, Pollentia, located in present-day Mallorca, Spain.
  • Claire Moore, of Connecticut – she traveled to the Dominican Republic and Ghana to help build systems that would offer safer, cleaner drinking water.
  • Caitlin Madden, of New York – she created a YouTube Channel to post songs interpreted in American Sign Language, helping to bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf communities.
  • And who can forget the story of Senait Weldemariam, a New York City student who is the first person in her family, originally from Eritrea, to go to college. Weldemariam’s story touched countless people when her emotional reaction to her Gettysburg College acceptance letter was captured in a video featured on MSNBC and the Huffington Post. Watch the video and learn more about Weldemariam.