Science House Dinner

College Houses provide students the opportunity to form self-directed and self-governing groups focused on a particular academic focus, theme, or mutual interest. Students establish clear goals for their group and, through a community agreement, plan how to be engaged participants in their community and the campus community.

College Houses provide:

  • a unique living experience that offers independence
  • a strong sense of community
  • an opportunity to learn about and promote a common interest

Civil War Barricade Bash

Goals of College Houses:

  • Unite students around a common interest or discipline
  • Create a community that fosters intellectual and social development
  • Connect faculty and students through formal and informal interactions and gatherings
  • Connect students' in-class learning with their out-of-class experience
  • Enhance the intellectual climate through focused exploration, knowledge exchange, and respectful dialogue

Funk House Pumpkin CarvingThere are two types of College Houses: Spark Houses, which serve as intellectual and social hubs, and Theme Houses, which center around a common interest or cause.  College House Leadership is guided by a collaborative team of students, faculty, and administrators for each community.  The RISE Program is a component of the College House program.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about College Houses, contact Julia Collett, Assistant Director of Residential & First-Year Programs.