Gettysburg College Summer Tour Guides

Summer Tour Guides

Meet our summer tour guides!

Front Row (from left to right):

Cayla Cornwell '20
Major: English
Minor: Studio Art
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Advice for Prospective Students: College is only as fun as you make it. Get involved and allow yourself to enjoy Gettysburg College's traditions such as Food Fest and the First-Year Walk!

Ailema Crooks '19
Majors: Biology and Psychology
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite Gettysburg Tradition: My favorite tradition on campus is Spring Fest. It is a great way to take a break before finals. There is always great music and fun activities throughout the weekend!

Beth Wiczalkowski '20
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Myerstown, PA
What inspires you to be Gettysburg Great?: Seeing all of my peers going out and participating in various programs all over the globe; I have so much pride in my fellow Gettysburgians and would love to follow in their footsteps.

Middle Row (from left to right):

Mark Casillas '19
Major: History
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Gettysburg Tradition: I love Servo Thanksgiving because, being from California, it's not easy to go home. It's great to see Gettysburg go out of its way to give its students that special meal.

Luke Frigon '18
Major: History
Minor: Civil War Era Studies
Hometown: Erie, PA
Advice for Prospective Students: Stay open-minded! It's okay to not know what you're going to do with your life. You have time!

Maihan Wali '18
Major: Political Science
Minors: Peace & Justice Studies and Middle East & Islamic Studies

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
What do you like to do on the weekends and/or in the town?: On the weekends I enjoy the social/cultural and sporting events that are organized by the College. I also love hanging out in the theme houses to meet new people and share stories and thoughts! And it is always fun to walk around town or go to one of the many restaurants.

Back Row (from left to right):

Tyra Riedemonn '20
Major: Theater Arts
Hometown: New York, NY
What inspires you to be Gettysburg Great?: Besides being a first-generation student and having that motivation and drive, I am always inspired by the drive and accomplishments of my peers and friends at Gettysburg. Whether it is those in my major or in others, they are always working on something important to change the college or the world for the better!

Jake Rankin '19
Major: Organization & Management Studies
Minor: Business
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Favorite Course Taken: My favorite course would have to be my first-year seminar, "But is it Crazy Enough?" The class explored conspiracy theories and discussed the lives of famous philosophers in history. The course was taught by Professor Remy, who was also my first-year advisor!

Leigh Richard '19
Major: Philosophy
Minors: English, Education, and Music
Hometown: Springfield, PA
What do you like to do on the weekends and/or in town?: There's a comic store and a game store in town where I love to hang out. The game store is owned and run by local high school students who love having demo games with the customers. The comic store owner, Arthur, lets us draw and play role-playing games with him. Nerding out with friends is the best!

Daniel Wright '18
Major: English
Hometown: New York, NY
Favorite Course TakenOne of my favorite courses was English 299, the Methods course. It changed the way that I approach reading, writing, and analyzing as I was exposed to several different authors and theories. Also, Professor Duquette is a fantastic teacher!