Process and timeline

Strategic planning process and timeline

Although the Curriculum Review Committee is a part of the strategic planning process, it will undergo a separate approval process. The Curriculum Review Committee will bring a proposed curriculum to the faculty for a vote.

The Integrated Learning Committee and the Structure and Resource Committee will submit recommendations to the Strategic Planning Committee. The Strategic Planning Committee will integrate and prioritize the recommendations and submit a report to the President. The Board of Trustees will review and approve the final strategic plan.

A tentative timeline is shown below. This timeline may need to be adjusted and it is possible that the Curriculum Review Committee, the Integrated Learning Committee and the Structure and Resources Committee will operate on somewhat different timelines.

Date(s) Details

September – December 2020

Preliminary Planning Steps

• Conversation with the Board of Trustees regarding strategic planning
• Conversation with the Forward Thinking Group regarding strategic planning
• President Iuliano’s “Living Our Promise” address
• Strategic planning structure designed
• Strategic planning committees populated

January 2021

Framing and Information Gathering

• Committees start meeting (Note: The Curriculum Review Committee started meeting in Fall 2020)
• Committees clarify key questions
• Committees review existing planning documents and data
• Committees identify and start collecting additional data as needed

February – May 2021

Discussion and Consultation

• Committees discuss key questions
• Committees analyze data
• Committees broadly consult constituents
• Committees formulate and prioritize recommendations
• Committees submit draft reports

June – August 2021

• Strategic Planning Committee discusses draft reports and provides feedback to committees

September - October 2021

• Committees share emerging recommendations to solicit feedback
• Committees refine reports
• Committees submit final reports

November - December 2021

Integration and Prioritization

• Strategic Planning Committee integrates and prioritizes recommendations
• Strategic Planning Committee shares emerging recommendations and drafts to solicit feedback
• Strategic Planning Committee submits report to the President

January - February 2022

Final strategic plan submitted to the Board of Trustees for review and approval

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