Frequently Asked Questions


Federal Work-Study is a part of my financial aid package. How do I look for a campus job?
All students use the same process to find campus employment regardless of their Federal Work-Study status.

How do I record my hours for payroll purposes?
All offices and departments use electronic time sheets. It is important that the time sheet be filled out completely and accurately. In and out times must include AM or PM. The supervisor must approve the time sheet before it can be processed. Late time sheets will result in the student's pay being delayed. Late processing may increase the amount of federal taxes that will be withheld. Your supervisor can review completion of timesheets with you.

How often will I be paid?
Students are paid on a biweekly basis, with a two-week lag between the end of the pay period and payday. Direct deposit statements can be viewed by logging into the Student Center each payday. An email will be sent with the link to view your statement.

Can I apply my earnings to my student account?
Students can sign up to apply their earnings directly to their semester balance by contacting the Student Accounts Office at 717-337-6227.


I want to develop a new position for a student in my office and want to determine a rate of pay that is comparable to similar, existing on-campus jobs. What are suggested pay rates and job descriptions?
You can review current (as of July 2010) on-campus job descriptions and salaries for student employees.

Don't see the answer you need?  Contact the Center for Career Development (717-337-6616).