There are a number of forms to be completed to hire summer help. The type of paperwork depends on the new employee's status as a student, as well as their work history with the College.  All employees who have not worked on campus during the school year must fill out their hiring paperwork. Additional requirements are listed below for each category of new worker.

Current Students

The supervisor must return a completed copy of the Summer Student Data Form to Student Employment Services at the Center for Career Development. This form provides the information needed from departments offering a signing bonus to the student employee (up to $440).  Signing bonuses are subject to tax at the rate of 25% which will be deducted first, and the remaining amount will be paid in a lump sum on or after June 13.  The data form must be received by Student Employment Services no later than Friday, May 23, in order for the student to receive the signing bonus on the June 13 student pay day.

If you are developing a new position for a student and want to determine a rate of pay that is comparable to similar, existing on-campus jobs, review this on-campus job descriptions and salaries for student employees and contact the Center for Career Development (717-337-6616) if you have questions.

    Graduating Seniors

    If the employee is a Gettysburg College graduating senior, the supervisor should contact Human Resources regarding the appropriate paperwork.


    The supervisor should contact Human Resources if the employee is not a Gettysburg College student.