Getting Started with GettysburgWorks

GettysburgWorks is an online jobs and internships system that the Center for Career Development maintains for the use of Gettysburg College students, alumni, parents, and staff. After a free registration process, employers can use GettysburgWorks to post information about open positions, edit or take down existing positions, and collect résumés and other documents from applicants. To login to the system, please visit the employers' portal.  If you need login information, please contact the Center for Career Development.

Registering with GettysburgWorks

The Center for Career Development requests that each Gettysburg College department use only one account to post jobs on GettysburgWorks. If your department is not already registered, you can create an account by clicking the "Register" link on the sign-in page of GettysburgWorks. At this point, you'll be asked to fill in several information fields regarding your department. Some of these fields have CCD recommendations, as listed below.

  • Organization Name - Please enter "Gettysburg College - Department", where department is replaced by the appropriate department.
  • Industry - Please select Education.
  • Services Requested - Leave all boxes checked.

After submitting the form, a randomly-generated password will be sent to the email address you listed. You can then log on to your account with your email address and this password. Once logged in, you may change your password under the Account tab.

Posting a New Position

To post a new job position, click on "Create Gettysburg College Job Posting" under the shortcuts menu on your account homepage. You'll then be asked to complete the details of the new job. Some of these fields have CCD recommendations, as listed below.

  • Copy Existing - This field appears as long as this is not the first job posted under your account. We recommend copying a former job and editing other fields such as Title, Description, and Posting/Expiration Date. This will prevent you from retyping any common data.
  • Position Type - We strongly request that all Gettysburg College jobs have "Gettysburg College Department/Office" checked. You may also check other options if appropriate.
  • Résumé Receipt - Please check "E-mail" so that students who have uploaded a resume to GettysburgWorks can apply through the system however, also check "Other (enter below)" and provide a contact name, phone number and/or email address for those students who have not yet uploaded their resume so that they can contact you outside of GettysburgWorks. 
  • Expiration Date - Please mark a date no more than one month after the posting date. The majority of jobs will be filled long before one month of advertising.
  • Class Level - To mark multiple fields in the list, hold Ctrl and click successive items.
  • Work Authorization - We recommend selecting all items in this list so that the job appears to international students as well.

After submitting, the job posting will appear to all students on GettysburgWorks once it is approved by the Center for Career Development staff. This usually takes less than one day. If you have selected that résumés be submitted through the GettysburgWorks system, you will see applications on your account homepage.

Editing or Filling a Listed Job

To modify an existing record, click on the Jobs tab at the top of GettysburgWorks. At this point, all current jobs should appear under the "Single School Postings" tab. To modify details about a certain position, click on the Job Title of that record, make your changes, and click Submit. A filled position can be delisted by clicking the "Deactivate" button for that job.



For clarification or guidance for anything relating to GettysburgWorks, please contact the Center for Career Development by emailing or calling (717) 337-6616. Additionally, a Quick Guide to GettysburgWorks has been created for your use.