An internship is a partnership between individual students, Gettysburg College, and companies or organizations where short-term work/learning experiences are offered to students. It is a way for students to connect the learning from their classrooms to the "world of work."


  • Can be paid or unpaid
  • Can take place during the course of the academic semester or over the summer
  • May be eligible for academic credit (minimum of 160 hours = 1 course credit, 80 hours = ½ credit, or 40 hours = ¼ credit) 
  • May be related to a career interest or part of the student's academic curriculum
  • Have defined learning goals and are monitored for progress
  • Promote academic, career and/or personal development

Students who are suspended/on leave of absence/withdrawn/below a 2.0 cumulative GPA are not eligible to participate in internships for Gettysburg College credit. The College will not provide a letter of eligibility or sponsorship and will not provide liability insurance while you are separated from the College.

Students completing an internship have two options:

1) Internships taken for academic credit are carefully designed to provide a program with a substantial academic component, as well as practical value.

2) Not for Credit ("College Approved internships") do not carry any academic credit, but do allow students to gain practical experience in a chosen career field.

Internship Paperwork

Once you have been offered and have accepted an internship, you need to login to the Student Center and complete the following paperwork by the appropriate deadlines.

We recommend that you check your email frequently, as this will be our mode of communication with you throughout the internship process.

Internship Resources

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Internship Funding

The application for internship funding will be available soon. Learn more.