Entrepreneur - Winter Break Opportunity List

You can apply for opportunities through the Student Center, under the Center for Career Development, Winter Break Opportunities.

Applications are due by November 6 by 11:59 p.m.

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See what students have to say about their experience. Students Comments on the value of Job Shadowing and Career Networking Dinners.  Want to learn more about Career Networking Dinners?  See our blog post "Demystifying Career Networking Dinners"


Networking Dinners:

Dana Arranz, P'2020, Owner, The Goddard School (King of Prussia, PA). Shadow Description: Learn about the field of Early Childhood Education while being immersed in the classroom setting. Learn what it is like to open and maintain your own business.

William Cumby '1971, President, W.S. Cumby, Inc. (Springfield, PA). Shadow Description: We are a Construction Manager/General Contractor. Shadowing experience would include seeing how the various departments - Business Development, Estimating, Project Management, Field Operations and Accounting - function to market the firm, develop opportunities, convert opportunities, and plan for and complete projects. We can tailor the day to specific areas of the business if the student(s) has particular interests. We can also include a portion of the day visiting a project in progress if of interest.

Daniel Gans ‘1976, P‘, CEO, Hoboken Brownstone Company (Location: Jersey City, NJ)  Shadow Description: The experience will span the gamut from financing to environmental testing and policy issues, to new energy initiatives and community development. You will also interact with co-host George Vallone '1976, President, during your experience.

Lindsey Piecyk ‘2009, Development Coordinator; Private Voice/Piano Teacher, Theatre Horizon; Villanova University (Location: Philadelphia, PA)  Shadow Description: My job at Theatre Horizon is in Development, dealing with administrative/fundraising side of the Theatre. If we are currently in the run of a show the student could certainly sit in on rehearsal as part of the day. It would be an ideal fit for a student who is looking to get into theater and/or arts administration in general. My job as a music teacher would be great for a student who wants to see what teaching private voice/piano lessons is like, so depending on the time/day of the week, I teach in 3-7 hour windows at Villanova University. I also personally think that this would be a good fit for a student who might like to have a varied career in the arts. I can speak with them about the experience of working in performance, education, administration, fundraising, as well as the ups & downs of owning my own business (being a contractor). Read Lindsey's bio & resume here: http://www.lyndseypiecyk.com/

Sam Simons, '1990, President – Data Delivery, OEM Controls, Inc. (Shelton, CT). Shadow Description: OEM Controls is a family owned manufacturer of rugged custom electronics for equipment in the off-highway market. We have marketing, sales, engineering, R D, IT, production, accounting and HR functions. We often have cross functional project meetings during the day. We have several technical, mechanical, electronic, and software design meeting.

Rachel Wynn ‘2012, Founder/CEO, Starlight Social (Location: Washington, DC)  Shadow Description: Join Class of 2012 alumna Rachel Wynn at her home office, for client meetings, and a networking event for a fast paced day of startup business operations, social media management, and website design. With the hours a day you spend navigating your social media marketing, what else could you be doing to grow your business? Starlight Social provides personalized media and social services designed to make your life easier. Do What You Love, We'll Handle The Rest. (www.starlightsocialdc.com)

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