You can apply for opportunities through the Student Center, under the Center for Career Development, Winter Break Opportunities.

Applications are due by November 6 by 11:59 p.m.

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See what students have to say about their experience. Students Comments on the value of Job Shadowing and Career Networking Dinners.  Want to learn more about Career Networking Dinners?  See our blog post "Demystifying Career Networking Dinners"


Networking Dinners:

Greenwich, CT - Peter Carlson ‘1980, P‘2017, President, Carlson & Carlson, Incorporated;  Peter Gambee, 1982, Partner, Summit Trail Advisors.

New York, NY - Mary Claire Lagno P'2012, Retired VP, Head of Aetna Small and Middle Market Business; Christopher Lagno P'2012, Partner/Attorney at Seyfarth Shaw LLP

New York, NY - Andy Parker ‘1979, P‘2017, Managing Director, Senior Relationship Manager, Inteligent Edge Advisors;  Possibly Scott Dillman '79, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, New York, NY.

King of Prussia, PA - Brett Montich ‘2000, Financial Planner, MetLife;  Kyle Zimmerman '04, Director of Human Resources, Aramark; Donna Montich, High School Spanish teacher

Philadelphia, PA - Charlie Scott '1977, P'2009, P'2012, Principal/Owner, CTS Consulting Group, LLC.; Katherine Scott '2009, Enterprise Account Manager, Evolve IP; and Dan Scott '2012, Brokerage Writer, The Vanguard Group

Job Shadowing:

Mary Balady P‘2019, Managing Director, J. P. Morgan (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: Assistant to Investor Services Sales staff who cover Institutional clients in the Asset Management Segment

Nick Corcoran P‘2018, U.S. Government Bond Trader, BWT Professional Trading (Location: Belle Mead, NJ)  Shadow Description: Students will get the opportunity to watch a Bond Trader in action. They will see what makes Bond Prices move and what affects the yields on various US Bonds. They will see Bond trading strategies like relative value trades, yield curve trades and long/short strategies. Although it will be impossible to grasp trading in a few hour sitting, students can get an idea of what it is like to be a trader, weather bonds or stocks or commodities. **This will be a casual atmosphere since I work from home. It could be a very busy day or it could be a very quiet day with little going on. No 2 days are alike in trading.

Lauren Eby'2006, Vice President, RBC Capital Market (Lancaster, PA). Shadow Description: An opportunity to learn more about public finance. The Lancaster, PA office of RBC Capital Markets specializes in financing capital projects for public schools throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The job shadow experience will allow the student to see firsthand what is done to bring a primary market municipal bond offering to investors and how varying financing models are evaluated.

Scott Estill ‘1996, Partner, Skillcapital, LLP (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: Skillcapital was founded in 1998 and works exclusively in the private equity market to both help private equity funds discover and evaluate forthcoming deals (via access to leading executives in various industries) and recruit the best management teams for their portfolio companies. Student will get to spend time in the office during the day and then attend teh ACG Board meeting in the early evening ( - ACG is a 14,000 member organizaiton focused on Mergers and Acquisitions.

Hart Fessenden P'2014, Senior Vice President, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Location: New York, NY), Shadow Description:SMBC is a Japanese bank and I am in charge of financing aircraft for all the major airlines in North and South America. Our company does $100-150 million dollar deals, as well as leasing 300 aircraft throughout the world. A day shadowing could include sitting in on conference calls and meetings, observing negotiations with a law firm, lunch with me, and potentially interacting with some younger members of the staff for a more recent graduate perspective.

Scott Hildenbrand '1999, Partner and Chief Balance Sheet Strategist, Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. (New York, NY). Shadow Description: You have the opportunity to shadow Scott Hildenbrand, a Principal and Chief Balance Sheet Strategist of Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. He heads the Balance Sheet Analysis and Strategy group, working with financial institutions on balance sheet strategy development, which includes interest rate risk management, investment portfolio strategy, retail and wholesale funding management, derivative strategy, capital planning, budgeting, and stress testing. Mr. Hildenbrand also works closely with the firm’s Investment Banking Group to identify and develop strategic opportunities for clients involved in mergers and acquisitions. U.S. Citizenship REQUIRED.

Kevin Horan P‘2019, Director- Fixed Income Product Manager, S&P Dow Jones Indices (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: As the world's largest resource for index-based innovation, data and research our mission is to bring independent, transparent and cost effective solutions to the global investment community. S&P Dow Jones Indices is at the forefront of index change and innovation. Our goal is to continue to anticipate and respond to how our clients see global investment opportunities.

Daniel Gans ‘1976, CEO, and co-host George Vallone '1976, President, Hoboken Brownstone Company (Location: Jersey City, NJ)  Shadow Description: The experience will span the gamut from financing to environmental testing and policy issues, to new energy initiatives and community development.

Kyle Ibbitson '2005, Associate Partner, McLagan-Owned by Aon (Stamford, CT). Shadow Description: Day in the life of a real work opportunity - many alum, different jobs.

Ferdinand Masucci, P'2017, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Shadow Description: 1/2 day experience;Global markets; Company GPA requirement is 3.35 and sophomores are strongly encouraged!

Marshall Welch '1986, Chief Executive Officer, AutoTrakk LCC (Montoursville, PA). AutoTrakk is an automotive finance company that provides leases to credit challenged customers in 13 states and employs over 200 team members. AutoTrakk also has a leasing program for Uber drivers in direct cooperation with Uber. In all, AutoTrakk has in excess of 17,000 customers. AutoTrakk manages all of its departments from sales to underwriting, customer service, collections, insurance and sales of repossessed vehicles. A shadowing day with the CEO would include a tour of the facility, ability to take part in meetings ranging from strategic planning to tactical issues with department heads. Depending on the stiudents interests, I am happy to discuss issues with our CFO or COO who both have years of finance company experience. I am happy to tailor the day to the students interests. I will expect a student who is engaged and truly interested in an great opportunity to take part in the day to day leadership of a middle market company. If you are thirsty for business knowledge, it will be like drinking from a fire hose. Are you up for it?

Glenn Williamson P‘2019, Faculty Director, Masters in Real Estate Program (MPRE), Georgetown University (Location: Washington, DC)  Shadow Description: I teach in the Masters in Real Estate program and own my own advisory business Students will attend a class in the Masters program as well as site visits to a real estate project of interest which could include any of my projects (free roofs, medical office buildings et al).

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