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Job Shadowing:

  • Pat Bryan '77, P'15 - Deputy Senate Legal Counsel, U.S. Senate (career field:  Law/Government -) Location:  Washington, DC.  Shadowing Description:  The office appears in court on behalf of, and provides advice to, Senators, staff, Committees, and Senate officers on a wide variety of issues ranging from constitutional issues (recess appointments, executive privilege, etc.) to constituent and administrative matters. The shadowing day experience will greatly depend on what is happening at that time.  If the Senate is in session, there may be an opportunity to watch the floor, or to sit in on a Committee hearing.  At present we do not have any court hearings scheduled during that time.  It may also be possible to sit in on meetings on issues on which the office is providing advice that may or may not be interesting; of course, attendance will depend on the willingness of our clients to allow a student to sit in.  Available Date(s):  Jan. 7
  • Olivia Campbell Anderson '02 - Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff, Office of Govenor Martin O'Malley (career field:  Government/Law (Environment, Policy, Lobbying)) Location:  Annapolois, MD.  Shadowing Description:  Available Date(s):  TBD
  • Matt Haag '94 - Assistant Vice-President AND City Councilmember, University of Rochester AND City of Rochester (career field:  Fundraising AND Politics) Location:  Rochester, NY.  Shadowing Description:  Understanding the balance between a full-time career and serving as a citizen legislator.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available) 
  • Joseph Joiner '07 - Political Affairs Data, Systems, & Technology Manager, Credit Union National Association (career field:  Government/Financial Services/Trade Association) Location:  Washington, DC.  Shadowing Description:  Students will be able to see how a major trade association works in the political environment of DC.  Individuals can learn about fundraising, advocacy, and lobbying on the federal level.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)

Networking Dinners:

  • Pat Bryan '77, P'15 - Deputy Senate Legal Counsel, U.S. Senate (career field:  Law/Government) and Dean McGrath P’15 – Attorney, McGrath & Associates (career field:  Law/Government).  Ms. Bryan is presently the Deputy Senate Legal Counsel, having previously served as Senate Legal Counsel when the Republicans controlled the Senate.  She has also worked in the White House Counsel’s Office as an Associate Counsel to the President (Reagan and the 1st Bush) and at the Department of Justice in various positions including as the Civil Division Deputy Assistant Attorney General in charge of appellate litigation. Mr. McGrath has also worked in the White House, including (along with Ms. Bryan) in Reagan Counsel's office and more recently as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice-President (Cheney).  He has also held other government jobs, including Chief of Staff to a Congressman then in a leadership position in the House (Chris Cox) and  General Counsel to the Peace Corps. Dinner Location:  Alexandria, VA
  • Amy Chidiac '97 - Philanthropist, None (career field:  Law/Politics)  Dinner Location:  Los Angeles, CA
  • Arielle Distasio '12 - Management & Program Analyst, Department of Justice (career field:  Federal Govt/HR)  Dinner Location:  Washington, DC
  • Matt Haag '94 - Assistant Vice-President AND City Councilmember, University of Rochester AND City of Rochester (career field:  Fundraising AND Politics)  Dinner Location:  Rochester, NY
  • Bill Matz '61 - Major General, US Army; VP with Defense Industry; President/CEO non-profit of an association, (retired) (career field:  US Army, defense industry)  Dinner Location:  Northern VA/DC Area
  • Janis Thomas P'14 - Former Executive Vice President, Marketing, Retired (career field:  Marketing, Law/Politics) and Elizabeth Hewlett, Chairman of Prince George's County Planning Board, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission. All commercial and residential real estate companies must appear before her board to receive approval to build in the county. Dinner Location:  Washington, DC
  • David Tohn '87 - Director, Cyber Technology Innovation Center, CyberPoint International & US Army (Retired) (career field:  Cybersecurity)  Dinner Location:  Millersville, MD

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