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Higher Education/Development

Job Shadowing:

  • Angela Dolson '11 – Assistant Director for the Annual Fund, Lafayette College (career field:  Higher Education/Development) Location:  Easton, PA.  Shadowing Description:  The student(s) will experience the day-to-day routine of working in Development and College Relations, an opportunity that would be ideal for those interested in either working in higher education or in fundraising for a non-profit organization. The student will learn about the basic practices of fundraising and will have the opportunity to meet with the different departments that make it possible for Lafayette College to achieve our fundraising and alumni participation goals. Available Date(s):  Jan. 5, Jan. 6, Jan. 7, Jan. 8, Jan. 9
  • Matt Haag '94 - Assistant Vice-President of Institutional Initiatives AND City Councilmember, University of Rochester AND City of Rochester (career field:  Higher Education/Development, Government) Location:  Rochester, NY.  Shadowing Description:  Understanding the balance between a full-time career and serving as a citizen legislator.  Available Date(s):  Flexible (All dates are available)
  • Molly Kastendieck '05 - Associate Director, Student-Alumni Programs, George Washington University (career field:  Higher Education (Alumni Relations)) Location: Washington, DC. Shadowing Description: Experience can be based around student's interest in higher education/alumni relations/development. Available Date(s) Flexible (All dates are available) 
  • Amy Layman '94 - Director of Alumni Program Engagement, Villanova University (career field:  Higher Ed Administration; University Advancement) Location:  Villanova, PA.  Shadowing Description:  The day will start with lunch at noon followed by information sessions with colleagues to provide an overview of higher education administration, diving into specific detail about alumni relations and university advancement (volunteers, event planning, data management, managing alumni boards, social media/marketing, student/young alumni engagement, fundraising and other specific topics). Experience will end mid-afternoon. Available Date(s):  Jan. 14 
  • Sue Maher ’83, P’14 – Operations Manager, Yale University (career field: Higher Education/Development) Location: New Haven, CT. Shadowing Description: I could show the student what is involved in the management of an endowed funded foundation and other aspects of managing other types of departments at a higher educational institution.  Available Date(s): Flexible (all dates are available)

Networking Dinners:

  • Kelly Alsedek '70 - Retired - Communications & Marketing Department, Lebanon Valley College (career field:  Higher Education, Communications/Marketing)  Dinner Location: Gettysburg, PA
  • Bruce Chamberlin '86 - Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Georgetown University (career field:  Higher Education/Admissions/Administration) Conversation will focus on careers within higher education, undergraduate admissions, and legal counsel work within a university and the Department of Education. Bruce Chamberlin '86 (undergraduate admissions at Georgetown University) and several other DC alumni with backgrounds in academic advising at the university level and college counseling at the secondary school level will be in attendance, as will a "friend of Gettysburg" (a Swattie, but don't hold it against her) who serves as legal counsel within the US Department of Education (Higher Education focus). Appropriate for all classes, freshmen through seniors. Dinner Location:  Washington, DC
  • Marsha Comegno '94 - President/Founder/Independent Education Consultant, Journey Education Consulting (career field:  Education, Consulting, Entrepreneurship) and John Comego '94 -Attorney/President/Founder of Comegno Law Group, P.C (career field:  Law) Dinner Location:  Moorestown, NJ
  • Sue Crump ’84 – College Consultant, College Insights, LLC (career field: Education, Consulting) and Tammy Murtagh Curran '84, VP of Finance, SC&A Construction, Inc. (career field: Finance/Investment).  Dinner Location: Glen Mills, PA
  • Matt Haag '94 - Assistant Vice-President for Institutional Initiatives AND City Councilmember, University of Rochester AND City of Rochester (career field:  Higher Education/Development, Government)  Dinner Location:  Rochester, NY
  • Molly Kastendieck '05 - Associate Director, Student-Alumni Programs, George Washington University (career field:  Higher Education (Alumni Relations))  Dinner Location: Washington, DC area
  • Susan Pyron '83 - Assistant Vice President of Annual Giving, Alumni and Parent Relations, Getttysburg College and Johnny Nelson '13, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Gettysburg College (career field:  Higher Education Development)  Dinner Location:  Camp Hill/Gettysburg, PA
  • Liz Williams ’13 – Donor Recognition Specialist, Carnegie Mellon University; Leslie Przybylek ’88 – Curator of History, Senator John Heinz History Center; Sierra Green ’11, Archivist, Senator John Heinz History Center; Caleb Muller, Systems Analyst at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center  (career fields: Higher Education/Development, Marketing, Library/Museums, Computer/Information Technology)  *Possibility of other alumni joining.  Dinner Location: Pittsburgh, PA


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