Higher Education/Development - Winter Break Opportunities List

You can apply for opportunities through the Student Center, under the Center for Career Development, Winter Break Opportunities.

Applications are due by November 6 by 11:59 p.m.

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See what students have to say about their experience. Students Comments on the value of Job Shadowing and Career Networking Dinners.  Want to learn more about Career Networking Dinners?  See our blog post "Demystifying Career Networking Dinners"

Higher Education/Development

Networking Dinners:

Gettysburg, PA - Kelly Alsedek ‘1970, Associate Director of Communications & Marketing - Retired, Lebanon Valley College

Washington, DC - Bruce Chamberlin ‘1986, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Georgetown University;  Conversation will focus on careers within higher education, undergraduate admissions, and legal counsel work within a university and the Department of Education. Bruce Chamberlin '86 (undergraduate admissions at Georgetown University) and several other DC alumni with backgrounds in academic advising at the university level and college counseling at the secondary school level will be in attendance, as will a friend of Gettysburg (a Swattie, but don't hold it against her) who serves as legal counsel within the US Department of Education (Higher Education focus). Appropriate for all classes, freshmen through seniors. (Several recent Gettysburg alumni who are currently working in college admissions attended this dinner as undergraduates.)

Moorsetown, NJ – Marsha Comegno ‘1994, President/Founder/Independing Education Consultant, Journey Education Consulting;  John Comegno ‘1994, Attorney/President/Founder, Comegno Law Group, P.C.;  Possibly Tricia Summers Cranmer ‘1995, Pricipal, Summers Groups, LLC (Executive Search).

Gettysburg, PA - Susan Pyron ‘1983, Associate Vice President of Annual Giving, Alumni and Parent Relations, Getttysburg College;  Joshua Ginder '15, Assistant Director of Annual Giving - Student Program

Pittsburgh, PA - Liz Williams ‘2013, Associate Director, Donor Recognition, Carnegie Mellon University; Sierra Green '11, Archivist; Senator John Heinz, History Center; Rachael Surmick '12, HomeOwnership Center Manager, Neighborworks Western PA; Emily Hammel '10, Associate Council, Allegheny County Office of Conflict Counsel; Dave DeBore '13, Assistant Director of Admission, Carnegie Mellon University; Rachael, Dave, and Liz are all in a Masters graduate program at CMU

Job Shadowing:

Stacy Godnick ‘1984, Associate Dean for Student Academic Life, Boston University (Location: Boston, MA)  Shadow Description: Exposure to meetings, program planning; potential exposure to residence life, admissions, provost office, and other aspects of higher education administration. Additionally, possible opportunity to meet with a BU alum who is working at a Charter school with K-12 kids.

Courtney Hughes ‘2007, Assistant Director, National Fellowships, New College of Florida (Location: Sarasota, FL)  Shadow Description: My responsibility is to assist, coach, and mentor students applying for highly competitive scholarships and fellowships through advising sessions, essay editing, and working with foundations on their behalf. Additionally, my office is located in the Center for Engagement and Opportunity so I work closely with our career development staff and the Assistant Director for Internships to create programming and opportunities for our students. **Background check is required. Interested students should live in Florida or have plans to already be in the area in January.**

Amy Layman ‘1994, Executive Director, Alumni Relations, Villanova University (Location: Villanova, PA)  Shadow Description: The shadow experience will be held from 11 am to approximately 2 pm on the Villanova University campus. The host will attempt to customize the experience to meet the interest areas of participants. Lunch will be provided. Sessions will include: An overview of higher education administration; Alumni Relations/University advancements; Other discussion areas will be based on students' interest (e.g. - volunteer management, event planning, data/technology, communication/marketing/social media, fundraising, athletics, student life, etc).

Kaitlyn Lyons ‘2010, E-Z Borrow Support and Resource Sharing Librarian, University of Pennsylvania (Location: Philadelphia, PA)  Shadow Description: Learn about working in an academic library. Kaitlyn received her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh (2012).

Sue Maher 1983, P’2014, Administrative Director, Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University (Location: New Haven, CT) Shadow Description: I could show the student what is involved in the management of an endowed funded foundation and other aspects of managing other types of departments at a higher educational institution.

Lindsey Piecyk ‘2009, Director of Individual Giving, Theatre Horizon; (Location: Philadelphia, PA)  Shadow Description: My job at Theatre Horizon is in Development, dealing with administrative/fundraising side of the Theatre. If we are currently in the run of a show the student could certainly sit in on rehearsal as part of the day. It would be an ideal fit for a student who is looking to get into theater and/or arts administration in general. My job as a music teacher would be great for a student who wants to see what teaching private voice/piano lessons is like, so depending on the time/day of the week, I teach in 3-7 hour windows at Villanova University. I also personally think that this would be a good fit for a student who might like to have a varied career in the arts. I can speak with them about the experience of working in performance, education, administration, fundraising, as well as the ups & downs of owning my own business (being a contractor). Read Lindsey's bio & resume here: http://www.lyndseypiecyk.com/

Kim Sakil '1994, Training Coordinator, Temple University (Location: Philadelphia, PA)  Shadow Descrption: The student can sit in and observe me and my team on a scheduled new hire orientation. My team will present the orientation. It starts from 8:30 am - 11 am. The student can stay for lunch and answer any other questions before leaving for the day. Additional colleagues involved: Eric Brunner & Towanda Record

Sarah Wendt ‘1990, Director of Major Gifts, Young Women's Leadership Network (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: This organization supports a network of all girls public schools and the College Bound Initiative, a college access program that has a partnership with Gettysburg admissions

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