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Higher Education/Development

Job Shadowing:

Stacy Godnick ‘1984, Associate Dean for Student Academic Life, Boston University (Location: Boston, MA)  Shadow Description: Exposure to meetings, program planning; potential exposure to residence life, admissions, provost office, and other aspects of higher education administration.

Courtney Hughes ‘2007, Director, Student Success Programs (Office of Student Affairs), New College of Florida (Location: Sarasota, FL)  Shadow Description: My responsibility is to create and execute individualized outreach to all students, especially those considered at-risk. I provide academic coaching, track student progress, and work with senior staff to develop and implement effective assessment and evaluation methods for student success. I also serve as a member of the prestigious awards team, and coach/counsel students on high-profile academic awards and research opportunities. Reports directly to the Dean of Students. **Background check is required. Interested students should live in Florida or have plans to already be in the area in January.**

Amy Layman ‘1994, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, Franklin & Marshall College (Location: Lancaster, PA)  Shadow Description: The shadow experience will be held from mid-morning to mid-afternoon on the Franklin and Marshall campus. The host will attempt to customize the experience to meet the interest areas of participants. Lunch will be provided.Sessions will include: An overview of higher education administration; Alumni Relations/University advancements; Other discussion areas will be based on students' interest (e.g. - volunteer management, event planning, data/technology, communication/marketing/social media, fundraising, athletics, student life, etc). Host will involve other Gettysburg College alumni working on campus as their schedules permit.

Sue Maher 1983, P’2014, Administrative Director, Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University (Location: New Haven, CT) Shadow Description: I could show the student what is involved in the management of an endowed funded foundation and other aspects of managing other types of departments at a higher educational institution.

Lindsey Piecyk ‘2009, Director of Individual Giving, Theatre Horizon; (Location: Philadelphia, PA)  Shadow Description: My job at Theatre Horizon is in Development, dealing with administrative/fundraising side of the arts. It would be an ideal fit for a student who is looking to get into theater and/or arts administration in general. Read Lindsey's bio & resume here:

Sarah Wendt ‘1990, Director of Major Gifts, Young Women's Leadership Network (Location: New York, NY)  Shadow Description: This organization supports a network of all girls public schools and the College Bound Initiative, a college access program that has a partnership with Gettysburg admissions

Liz Williams ‘2013, Associate Director, Donor Relations at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy. (Location: Pittsburgh, PA)  Shadow Description: Learn what it's like to work at a fast-paced, cutting-edge research university in one of America's most up-and-coming cities -- Pittsburgh! During this job shadowing experience, the student will learn about the wide array of jobs that exist within a large University Advancement office, with a specific focus on Donor Relations at Carnegie Mellon University. The day can be tailored to the student's interests, and can involve conversations with people in communications, fundraising, event-planning, and other roles. There is also the potential to meet with other Gettysburg alumni who work in Admissions roles for CMU. The student will learn about various career trajectories within higher education and gain insight on related masters programs to prepare students for work in this field.

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